Bruno Fagali: How to qualify as a lawyer in Brazil

     The role of law and lawyers in a society cannot be ignored. Their contribution to issues affecting the society and creating relevant laws and policies is of great importance. They are also a vital point of our society in helping with dispute resolution.

Brazil has a huge number of lawyers, over half a million to be precise. Most of the lawyers practice in the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In Brazil, students of law undergo a 5 years degree program. However even after obtaining the law degree one does not immediately qualify to do litigation as a lawyer. A law student is required to sit and pass the bar examination commonly known as Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil. The Brazilian law is mainly drawn from law practices in Portugal, German and French civil laws. Brazil is governed by two main sets of law, the federal and the state laws. However, the federal law supersedes the state law. The federal law is in form of a written constitution.

So, how do find a good lawyer in Brazil? The internet is a vital tool in this case. To find a good lawyer you need not only look at google searches only. It’s important that one goes beyond and conduct a thorough research. This should take care of issues such as how many previous cases have they won, the charges and how committed they are to their work.

Bruno Fagali

The future of the legal industry lies in the hands of upcomimg lawyers who are ready to take the mantle from their seniors. One of these lawyers is Bruno Fagali. Bruno Fagali has been gained prominence for his mastery in the application of the administrative law. Bruno Fagali who is a qualified lawyer in Brazil and who has undergone through the process required by the Brazilian Bar Association has been able to represent clients in courts of law. It his proficiency in the law that has seen Bruno Fagali gain recognition from clients especially those in the corporate sector. Corporates hire Bruno Fagali not only for court cases but also for general counsel when corporations are striking business deals or working on contracts.

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