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Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega and His Support for Trump’s Golf Course – and for Hussain Sajwani, One of Trump’s Business Partners

The Donald Trump International Golf Course is a place you must visit if you love all things golf, golf travel and golf luxury vacationing as a whole: This unique, billion-dollar property was put together by none other than the very best minds in the business – the likes of President Donald Trump, Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump and Dubai’s own, Hussain Sajwani. It is based in New York and holds many top luxuries from within, ones which may even be seen from the outside or from miles away. The golf course destination is also currently under renovation and promises to offer far more in the way of comfort and a better golf experience overall; remodeling is set to finish within the next week or two.

The benefits of having a golf-based management degree are many – unbeknownst to most. Those who have such a degree, for instance, can do everything that Hussain Sajwani has done and much more. This Middle Eastern real estate market property expert has done it all; though he did not major in golf during his undergraduate years, his experiences alone in management – as well as his educational achievements in business management – have propelled him to where he is today. He has likewise bought and sold many golf resort properties, a hobby that he picked up along the way; you can do the same, whether or not you know much about golf at the moment. Make it a hobby of yours to see where it’ll lead.

Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega

Alfonso heads the media in Mexico. He runs the presses. He delivers.

He heads Grupo Televisa. It’s highly successful. It delivers.

Jason Hope Heaps Praise on the Internet of Things

Entrepreneurs are the hidden glue that keep most industries held together. They are the minds that think outside of the box in order to bring new solutions to the table, thus helping themselves and their potential clients along the way. Perhaps no entrepreneur has a bigger stake in the future, in terms of concept and solution, than Jason Hope. Jason Hope done great many things throughout his career from his work with Jawa all the way to his philanthropic endeavors. Now, Hope is looking toward the future as only a true futurist can and his vision has settled on something simple and spectacular: the Internet of Things.

Consider the way that the ‘Jetsons’ cartoon likely fascinated you as a child. Everything was so cool, so connected by internet technology. The lives of the cartoon characters were easier as a result. That concept isn’t just an imagine in a cartoon. It’s a concept that will be finding its way into reality sooner than you may think and it already has a name: the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a term that Jason Hope has made popular in recent years. The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the collection of technology that will interface to the internet in wireless fashion while enhancing our daily lives. We aren’t just talking about conventional objects like your phone or TV. We are talking about EVERYTHING.

Jason Hope knows that there is value in the internet and he knows that this value can be transferred to the real world by way of the IoT. That is why so many companies starting to get in line and get behind the concept. Look at how shoe companies are developing ‘smart shoes’ that track your heart rate, distance traveled, and steps.

Look at how companies like Virgin Atlantic are embracing the IoT to improve their customer service experience. There is a tidal shift coming and most people are starting to at least notice the ripples in the water. For Jason Hope the future is clear and his advice is to get on board before it passes you by.

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James Larkin: A Great Trade Unionist

James Larkin was born back in the year 1876, in the City of Liverpool in England. James Larkin is mainly known as the founder of the ITGWU union. The Union grew to become the largest and strongest union in the region by gaining a lot of popularity among its members.

However, this great union of workers fell apart due to the famous Dublin Lockout. This forced James Larkin to travel to the United States back in the year 1914.

James Larkin grew up as a normal mid class child in the slums of Liverpool and received little education while growing up. He was very determined, hardworking, and worked in different jobs as a youth to help support his low-income family.

James Larkin worked as a foreman in Liverpool docks when he was a youth. James Larkin had a common belief that workers were mostly mistreated, mishandled, downplayed, and exposed to risks at their places of work.

Therefore, James Larkin joined a different trade union named NUDL and subsequently becoming a crucial part of trade union officials back in the year 1905. However, his radical approach and his methods alarmed the NUDL which led to his transfer to in Ireland where he founded his great worker’s union.

The aim of this great union was mainly to advocate for fair treatment in the places of work. Its members were both a combination of the skilled and unskilled labor making it a powerful union. Later, James Larkin moved on and founded the Irish Labor Party which was a powerful organization that led major strikes advocating for the industrial rights of workers.

The most remembered of those strikes is the Dublin Lockout which took place in the year 1913. The Dublin Lockout saw to it that more than 100,000 workers go on strike for more than eight months advocating for their industrial rights.

During the start of the World War I, he held out enormous demonstrations which condemned the war in Dublin, Ireland. He was so determined that he also flew away and went to the United States where he wanted to come up with funds to fight against the British. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

However, James Larkin was deported back to Ireland due to his radical means and also due to his communist ideologies which were infamous in the United States. In Ireland, he put together a Union of Workers of Ireland and also attracted attention from the Communist International due to his works back in the year 1924.

James Larkin had a family of five, his wife Elizabeth Brown whom he married back in the year 1903. Together, they raised four sons. Elizabeth Brown died in the year 1945. Jim had developed an ideological attribute among his followers who embraced communism.

Jim, however, died on 30th January 1947 in Meath Hospital. Archbishop John Charles McQuaid did a requiem mass at Jim’s death bed in his legendary conversion before his death. James is remembered as one of the pioneers of great trade unionism who championed the rights of workers.

George Soros Makes A Comeback In Washington Politics

There are quite a few people who are following the career of George Soros because they want to learn quite a lot about business and politics. He has been one of the biggest donors to progressive causes, and he has been someone who helps push agendas in America that will serve people. Someone who wants to learn from George Soros may watch what he has done, and they will see what he has done in his comeback if they are reading Politico.

#1: There Are Many People Who Benefit

George Soros has spent quite a lot of money to ensure that Democrats have the funds they need, and he has contributed to a number of different campaigns and causes that are important to them. He is a Holocaust survivor who wants to ensure that fascism and conservatism do not take over, and he wants to give to something that he believes will help people live better lives.

#2: George Is A Business Expert

There are many people who will watch what George Soros does to learn how to manage and invest their money. They ask him for help because he has opinions on the world economy, and his opinions on the world economy may be used to improve lives and investments. George explains how the economy is changing, and he sees similarities to the economy now and in the past. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

#3: He Gives To Things He Believes In

There are charities and causes that are in need of the money that George Soros has to offer. He wants people to ensure that they have the funds they need to make a change, and he knows that there are a number of charities and groups that will reach out to him for help. They know that he believes in their progressive causes, and they know that he will support them quite a lot. Read this story at about George Soros.

#4: How Long Will He Continue To Give

George has much of his money earmarked for other purposes, and he wants to give it in places where he believes that it will make the most sense. He is willing to reach out to donors to give money to things that will be good for them, and he wants to give these people money when they need to reach a particular goal. He has given to protestors in Ferguson, and he will work with his partners on new political donations.

There are quite a few people who benefit from the work that George Soros does. He has ensured that the people he helps receive the money that is required, and he gives them money that will improve their lives in ways that no other donor or cause may do.

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JHSF and José Auriemo Neto Specialize in Upscale Projects

JHSF is a leading real estate company in Brazil who thrives in the most expensive residential and commercial markets. High-end projects regularly pass through their doors and their knowledge and expertise in serving clients in the top markets are rivaled by few. They are heavily involved in acquisitions, development, and management of top-dollar properties in the hottest markets. These types of projects include upscale hotels, shopping centers, and even an international executive airport.

JHSF was founded in 1972 and is adept at ferreting out new opportunities in what could be considered mature markets. The company’s mindset has evolved from a pioneering spirit and they rely upon innovation in the course of all their business activities. They utilize sustainable practices in their developments and take advantage of the latest technology to do so. Click here to know more about JHSF.

Some of Brazil’s largest metropolitan cities are home to JHSF projects and display their pioneering bent in their unique designs. São Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus are examples of the shining cities that they do business in. JHSF is composed of four distinct units in which their operations go forward and they are Malls, Incorporations, Hotels & Restaurants Fasano and the Executive Airport.

Recurring income has become a top priority for JHSF and consequently, they have prioritized projects that significantly add revenue streams to their bottom line. Shopping malls and luxury hotels are examples of this new direction for JHSF. The Catarina Integrated Urban Development system has been an area of intense focus for them and the first phase has been the Catarina Executive Airport.

José Auriemo Neto is the Chairman and CEO of JHSF and has been since the age of 27. He has shifted the focus of JHSF to the luxury and high-income market with a telling effect. The company has grown substantially as a result of his vision and efforts.

Jose Auriemo Neto also oversees the extensive real estate portfolio that JHSF has established in shopping and retail. The amazing complex known as Cidade Jardim in Säo Paulo is a great example of this type of property. He was also instrumental in the group’s first foray into retail. He signed exclusive partnership agreements with Hermes, Pucci, and Jimmy Choo.

Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero and the Future of Mexican Finances

     Times have changed over the years and will continue to do so. When hard times come and change happens, it’s important to have a trained staff that can handle the process of change that will continue to happen. The financial crisis is exactly like that. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero, the CFO and President of Financial Planning of Grupo Televisa. After that, he was also the acting Vice President National Commission.

His roles in all of those positions were to safeguard the stability of the finances of each financial institutions and ensure its viability. The issues that came up frequently though, when this type of care was taken, was that the ideas which were upheld became limiting to the growth of the banks. As a Mexican financial institution’s goal is always growth, measures were taken to fix this situation. The executives, who control approximately $325 billion of the revenue of the banks, with 474,000 employees depending on this for income, the viability of the banks was a crucial aspect of the economy of Mexico.

Today, all of this has added impact on the global economy causing the responsibility that Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero holds as one that is of great importance. He has had to become a strategist and leader of the country’s stability financially. This is a lot of responsibility for one man. People have been hired in the past which had impeccable experience in the financial section, as specialists in finance, they have greatly helped the banks to become stronger each year.

In addition to this, insight into the markets of the global financial sector is imperative for all of the current and future employees who Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero serves over. These efforts promise to help the Mexican people and those that interact with the financial sector as well.

Jose Auriemo Neto; Moving JHSF Forward

JHSF is a real-estate company in Brazil. It was started in 1972. The company has more than 4,000 employees. It is based in Sao Paulo. JHSF restructured its operations to focus on the high-income segment of the public. This is what led them to focus on activities that fetch recurring income for the company. The company is involved in the development and management of luxury hotels, shopping centers, and a private airport. It has four shopping establishments in its portfolio. These include the Shopping Bela Vista, the Shopping Ponta Negra, the Catarina Fashion Outlet, and the Shopping Cidarde Jardim. They ventured into the sector with the development of the Shopping Santa Cruz in 2001. It provided access to the metro subway.

JHSF became the first real-estate company to venture into the hospitality industry. They acquired the Fasano hotels in 2014. They initially made a move when they acquired a stake in the group in 2007. JHSF developed the first international executive airport in Brazil. JHSF went public in 2007. It is traded on the Bovespa financial market. They completed the construction of a residential condo known as the Fazenda Boa Vista that same year. The condo is considered to be the most luxurious apartment in the country. JHSF has expanded its operations internationally. It has a presence in New York, Miami, and Punta del Este in Uruguay. Click here to know more about JHSF.

Jose Auriemo Neto is the chairman of JHSF. He was involved with the company from a young age. He was the among the brains behind Park Bem. Jose Neto was tapped to lead the foray into shopping malls after the success of the company in parking lot management. The performance of the company over the last decade can be attributed to his excellence as a leader. Neto is very dedicated to his work. He moved to New York when the company was constructing its residential complex that is situated next to Central Park. He was succeeded by Eduardo Camara who was the vice president at the time. He is currently the chairman of the board of directors of JHSF.

Bernardo Chua:Bridging Wellness And Prosperity To The Health Industry!

If there is anything Bernardo Chau knows it’s alternative medicine. He’s been a contributing leader to the health industry and advancement of finding cures and promoting a healthy lifestyle for over ten years. As a matter of fact, he established Oregano Gold for this very reason.

His marketing company dispenses a wide range of salutary products that promote good health and well-being. They include beverages, supplements, personal products and other merchandise. They are most recognized for their coffee which contains Ganoderma Lucidum.

Ganoderma Lucidum or Lingzi is a mushroom that is believed to have anti-oxidative properties and is referred to as the “mushroom of immortality” due to its curative properties.

Oregano products are offered through independent distributors across the world in over 50 countries and is ranked as the 55th largest marketing network worldwide.

Bernardo Chua has vast experience in the marketing industry as he previously established, owned and operated a similar company to Oregano gold which also marketed products containing the Lingzi mushroom extract.

Organo Gold was awarded two distinguished people’s choice awards for “Number One Global Network Marketing Company” and for “Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee” in 2015. Organo Gold, in recent news, just expanded its 39th branch in Turkey.

Bernado believes in paying attention to detail in all of his works and this has fostered a synergistic work environment within his employees and company.

Bernardo is highly recognized among his peers and within the health industry for his business acumen and ability to cultivate growth and financial success.

Organo’s philanthropic work includes the sponsorship of the non-profit OG Cares Foundation which works with children by offering them learning opportunities, resources and tools to promote growth and well-being.

Bernardo Chua believes that every person has the right to work and become successful financially and physically.

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Eric Pulier value entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is known for being an American entrepenuer, philanthropist and author. He is mostly based in Los Angeles, California. Eric Pulier’s career began in the fourth grade when he started studying computers, than he started his own computer database company while still in highschool. His achievements are far from being over there though.

In 1984 Pulier began his studies at Harvard University. There he was able to major in American Literature and English. At Harvard University he wrote for a column called The Harvard Crimson. In 1988 Pulier graduated from Magnacum Laude.

Pulier founded the company called People Doing Thing in 1991, after he moved to Los Angeles. People Doing Things is a company that uses technology to be able to address education, health care and a variety of other issues. Pulier went on to find interactive agency Digital Evolution in 1991, which happened to merge with US Interactive LLC in 1998.

Pulier was picked in 1997 by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to help create and execute, in Washington, D.C., the Presidential Technology Exhibition. Pulier’s achievements are still far from being over there though.

Eric Pulier is the proud founder of a variety of ventures including: Media Platform, Desktone, Akana and many other ventures. Pulier also went on to be able to co-author Understanding Enterprise SOA. Pulier is one man that has no time for games and is always looking for his next big thing to achieve.

Currently, Eric Pulier has become known as being a very admired entrepreneur. He has taken his career way further than anyone would of expected. Having achieved more so far then most people would dream of achieving in a lifetime. It is safe to say that Pulier is going to take his career all the way to the top, working as hard as he can along the way to achieve as much as he possibly can.

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Talk Fusion – Highly Popular Video Marketing Company Based in the United States

The competition is high in just about every sector, and it continues to get even more crowded with the passing time. Companies are working with the marketing firms and experts to find and devise ways that would help them get an edge over the competition. In the world of technology, it is a well-known fact that online marketing is helpful, but with more or less every company focusing on that, even though it is a suitable medium, the results it gets now are not as it used to be. The results offered by conventional online marketing methods have deteriorated over time because the competition has increased and people have more choices now as to which company to go along with. Learn more:

One of the most popular marketing and technology firms that have been able to exemplary delivery award winning video based marketing and communication products for over a decade is Talk Fusion. It is a company that has been developing many different types of video based products such as video chat, video mail, video newsletters, video conferencing, and more. The products designed and provided by Talk Fusion helps the companies to communicate with its target audience in an interactive and personalized fashion, which is sure to leave a positive impression on them.

Talk Fusion’s founder and owner, Bob Reina, says that the versatility of the company’s products is what has made them so popular among the companies as well as the individuals. He says that Talk Fusion products are used for the individuals as well as the companies, and with new features being regularly added, it would continue to retain an edge over its competitors. Bob Reina says that Talk Fusion is a technology firm that believes in innovation and therefore, focuses on research and development to ensure that it can bring out the best technology and products for its vast clientele spread across the globe. Learn more:

Talk Fusion’s products are awarded at many different award shows, and it continues to be one of the most popular videos based marketing and Technology Company in the market today. Bob Reina is confident that Talk Fusion would continue to dominate the video marketing niche for many more years to come as the firm has many new innovative products under development. Learn more: