Jim Tananbaum Successful Journey to his Achievement

Jim Tananbaum got his education in B.S and a B.S.E.E from Yale University and furthermore, he went to MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also Harvard Medical School and got M.S and also Harvard Business School with M.B.A these enabled him to be well skilled in creating innovative techniques in helping many other organizations to develop. As the president of Yale Advisory Council, he ensured that he provided better management and the staff members were motivated and they all worked extra hard to make the organization develop. He as well acted as the advisory board at Havard MIT HSR plan.

Jim has over than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and also as an investor which made him be recognized. He founded Foresite Capital because of the effort he put through. Foresite Capital Investment Company he also is the Chief Architect and his effective skills make the organization to advance. The organization also introduced in the sector of financial and proficient strategy that will better the health care sector.

As the co-founder of numerous biopharmaceuticals organization and also other health care investment sector. Jim Tananbaum is the co founder of GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GENZ) when he graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University is when he began the organization. More than $80 million is the money which made because of them creating two drugs. Jim Tanabaum was able to sell $1.6 billion because of it the top drug manufacturer globally. Theravance Inc is another organization that Jim is the co-founder and was successful in partnering both also made Innovative (NASDAQ: INVA) and Theravance Inc that they accomplished more than $3.2 billion.

In addition, Tananbaum is an associate with Sierra Ventures and as well as the founder partner at Prospect Venture Partners II and III. The vital aim of starting Foresite Capital is to ensure that they give proper investment podium. Jim as well ensures that he keeps his staff member in check through giving them values that they abide by them hence making Foresite Capital Investment Company be when one of the top organization globally.

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Alexandre Gama’s Contributions to Brazil’s Advertising Industry


Alexandre Gama is without a doubt among the most prominent and influential Brazilian publicists. In 2016 he became a member of the Global Creative Board. The board comprises only of six advertisement agency leaders from all over the world. The responsibility of these leaders is strategic planning and creation of innovations for the industry. Alexandre Gama is the first and the only Brazilian in the committee. Below are the highlights of some of his previous contributions to the industry

Creation of Neogama Agency

After being in the industry for nearly two decades, Alexandre Gama created Neogama agency. The agency was a quick success, becoming the youngest advertising firm in the country to be receiving Meio & Mensagem’s Agency of the Year Award. It has won a total of 23 Lions at the Cannes festivals.

Personal Attainments

In 2008, Alexandre Gama set the record by becoming the first Latin American to be part of the International Film Jury of the British Foundation. He had served in 2004 as a foreman of the jury, a position he held again in 2013. In 2012, he became a member of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies, BAAP. BAAP supports and promotes the best publicity practices in the industry.

OSI Group : A Global Leader in Processed Foods


OSI Group is one of the world’s largest foods processing company. The company is recognized globally as a leader in its innovative food processing solutions and products. As such, the company supplies beef, poultry, seafood dough, vegetables, fruits, as well as bacon and sausage based products. OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe.

Acquisition of Baho Foods

Though headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, it has branches and offices in various parts of the world including China, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In its expansion drive, OSI recently acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch company that specializes in the manufacture of deli meats, convenience foods, and snacks. OSI’s acquisition of Baho Food will boost the company’s expansion goals in Europe with Baho Food’s five subsidiaries anticipated to play a significant role.

According to OSI’s president and CEO, Baho Food’s operations, plants, and products complement OSI’s present production processes and broaden its capability in the delivery of services that continue to delight its customers. Baho Food has its center of operations and processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands. Baho’s subsidiaries include Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Vital Convenience, and Q Smart Life with a clientele base in 18 European countries.

OSI Group Achievements

Being a successful company, OSI was ranked 39th among the top 100 Food and Beverage Companies. The ranking is derived by comparing each company’s sale of consumer goods processed in Canadian and US processing plants. In 2016, the British Safety Council awarded the prestigious Globe of Honor Award and the Sword of Honor to OSI Food Solutions, UK. As such, the company was among 61 finalists who won awards at the Globe Honor and Sword of Honor awards. The awards recognize and celebrate businesses that excel in health, safety, and environmental management activities.

About OSI Group

The company began its operations in 1909 under the name Otto Kolschowsky Meat Market, later changing its name to Otto & Sons in 1928. In 1975, Otto & Sons changed its name to the OSI Group or OSI Industries. Since 1909, the company maintains its unwavering commitment to satisfying the demand of its clients. OSI Group proudly attributes its success to the loyalty and dedication of its customers in choosing the company as their favorite processed foods company.


How one New Jersey dentist changed the practice forever

Shortly after graduating from the New York School of Dentistry, AviWeisfogel founded his first practice. Old Bridge Dental quickly rose to prominence among its Central New Jersey clientele. With a puritan work ethic, Dr. Weisfogel built the practice into a thriving beacon of dental excellence for the whole state. But this project was just one of many for the industrious odontology prodigy. In his spare time, he was pursuing a variety of studies, one of which would come to occupy an increasingly dominant space in his head.

It was thusly that Dr. Weisfogel began down the path to epiphany. Why, he wondered, are dentists so narrowly constrained in their practice? If dentists were more versatile diagnosticians, he reasoned, could they make a sizable impact on disease processes unrelated to dentistry? To learn more: https://aviweisfogel.wordpress.com/ click here.

Dr. Weisfogel knew that, for a large subset of patients, dentists were the only health care medical professionals who they were likely to see over the course of years to decades. This is because of the nature of dental ailments. If someone wishes, postponing a routine physical or a colonoscopy is easy enough to do. In fact, most of the time, it can be postponed indefinitely, without apparent consequence.

However, any patient who attempts to postpone seeing a dentist for an abscessed third molar will quickly get a participatory lesson in the limits of human pain tolerance. Likewise, even chipped front teeth can ruin the week – and smile – of just about anyone, outside of professional combat sportsmen. For this reason, Dr. Wiesfogel concluded that dentists could make a huge difference in the cure rates for deadly diseases that are often times hopeless in the late stages but highly treatable in the earliest ones.

After considerable research, Dr. Weisfogel learned sleep apnea is one of the most underdiagnosed and socially costly diseases in the United States. He set about to improve the diagnosis and clinical course for this insidious killer.

In 2011, Dr. Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters, a clinical program dedicated to teaching dentists how to accurately diagnose and treat sleep apnea. Over the last few years, the program has been a runaway success, graduating thousands of dentists and creating the field of sleep dentistry.

Defining Success In Advertising

Mullen Lowe Brasil is among the top advertising agencies in Brazil. Starting from scratch, without investors nor banks, the founding partners, Erh Ray and José Henrique Borghi had to work hard to grow their Ad agency. In 2006 when José and Erh split the presidency, it attracted Lowe, who bought the company making it Borghi Lowe. With the merge with Mullen group, the Brazilian advertising agent became Mullen Lowe and José Henrique Borghi was given the position of co-CEO.

José Borghi is considered one of the influential advertisers in the advertising industry. He has created some of the best campaigns that are still remembered to date. His career was inspired by the commercial Vts that won the Cannes Lions when his sister took him to the Castro Neves Theater. From that day Mr. Borghi decided that he wants to venture into media. However, he did not know he will experience such great success.

Earlier career

After graduating from PUC in Advertising and Propaganda, José Henrique Borghi joined the agency Standart Ogilvy as an editor. He was recognized for his hard work and worked with other reputable agencies like Talent and Léo Burnett. After that, is he partnered with Mr. Ray to start their organization.

Henrique’s success

Part of what makes José Borghi succeed in advertising is his ability to recognize the need to change. According to the advertising guru, media should continually be updated because audience demands keep changing. He says it is important that media firms should study their clients to be able to give them what they want. José Henrique Borghi also recognized how the world is changing, how people are embracing online adverts and e-commerce. According to him, smartphones use is growing as time goes.

Mr. Borghi noted that the study by Narita Design & Strategy, about how much image influence people’s response will contribute to the media market a lot.

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The Best EOS Lip Balm Flavors For Summer

Summer is here, and if you want to protect your lips then you will be keeping your EOS lip balm close. Fans of the brand know they can rely on all its lines to keep their lips smooth and sweet, but the summer sun calls for added protection. That is why EOS offers Active Protection Smooth Spheres. Gather more info here on blogwebpedia.com.

This line of EOS balms still comes in the smooth sphere form we all love. It also comes in two delicious, fruity flavors: lemon twist and fresh grapefruit. Both flavors offer amped up coverage for your kisser with SPF 30. You can even wear your Active Protection lip balm at the pool, because both flavors are water resistant for up to 80 minutes. At night, you can lower your guard and increase your glam with the sheer pink or pearl lip balms from the Shimmer Lip Balm collection. See collection here on youtube.com.

Introduced in 2008, EOS lip balms quickly became a must among beauty mavens. Their distinctive, pod shape first differentiated them on crowded chapstick shelves. But it was their smooth, roll-on applicator and fresh flavors that quickly won them millions of fans. Some of the biggest beauty and fashion icons in the world have been spotted toting their own EOS smooth spheres.

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Bruno Fagali Sets the Excellent Pace of Conducting Business Through Legal Matters

     Bruno Fagali is a prominent lawyer hailing from Brazil. He is one of the leading rising lawyers who is sought after by most Brazilians with legal cases. He is adding a new modern dimension to the legal system of Brazil. Bruno Fagali has many years of legal experience featuring administrative law. He has created an unparalleled reputation featuring justice and reliability. Since 2006, Bruno has been involved in various law disciplines. Currently, Bruno Fagali serves as the manager for Corporate Integrity in a firm called Nova/SB. He also practices law through his firm Fagali Law Firm.


Bruno has a good reputation for his services. He offers counsel services for individuals with legal issues in urban law as well as compliance. Through Bruno Fagali, the people of Brazil have the chance to receive legal advice on conformity. With the high demands of the urban law, it is vital for companies that have the desire to grow to be in a position to receive legal services for business. Bruno is fond of stepping in to assist in such instances. He is known to help in providing legal letters that may be required in business. Through his knowledge in law, Bruno has helped many clients in choosing project directions.


Compliance is a key factor in the determination of business operations. Compliance ensures that the business professionals do not breach not only the law but also contracts. Compliance ensures that the agenda is followed to the later. It is also vital for companies to make sure that their operations are within the parameters of the business. Bruno has been the primary facilitator of compliance in Brazil. Through the provided information, he ensures that his clients settle for sound decisions.


The economy of Brazil has been registering alarming results when it comes to performance. Following that, Bruno has played a pivotal role in offering legal advice to investors as well as economists. With his services, Brazil has garnered massive economic growth.

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Fabletics Moves Next Door

Fabletics is a great company that started online, but now is making a move. You may be wondering what Fabletics can do for you and how the online store compares to the store you may just walk by.

Fabletics Online

Fabletics started online with a subscription service. They are still run this way on the Internet. This may be something you have already been working with to get some of the best exercise clothing available today. The way it works online is that you sign up for the subscription and pay a monthly fee and then get an outfit every month sent to you in your chosen style. This works well for those that want to have new clothing but don’t have time to get to the store and buy them.

Fabletics in Store

Fabletics recently started stores in some of the most populated cities in the US. This works well for them because they are already well known online and they are ran by Kate Hudson. She wants her stores to do well and she wants every woman to look and feel her best. She decided to start a few stores in these cities to give you the option to go into the stores and see what she had to offer. This way you can also choose what you like and possibly buy it from the stores and take it home. You also can find clothing that is not online and only in the stores. This makes it even more fun to go into the stores and look at the different styles.

There are a lot of ways to get the exercise clothing you may want, but Fabletics is one that has the best options and the best styles. You only need to stop online and see what they have to offer or go to the store and see what clothing will make you feel and look your best. You want clothing that is going to be usable not just for exercise but also for everyday. This company has both and they use the best fabric possible to make sure it lasts a long time.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Clay Siegall Is Transforming the Healthcare Sector

Cancer is considered to be one of the deadliest diseases in the world today. The disease is killing people from all walks of life every day. Although many organizations and governments are working hard to analysis and research about the serious illness, a cure for the disease at the late stages has not been found yet.

Clay Siegall is one of the most influential individuals in the cancer world. The internationally recognized scientist has done a lot for the people living with cancer. Siegall has invested a lot of resources and time to conduct research and come up with therapies to cure different types of cancers. The main aim of the successful scientist is to eradicate cancer from the world. At the moment, Clay Siegall serves as the president and chairman of Seattle Genetics. Clay founded the pharmaceutical company, and he has done a lot to make sure that the institution reaches its goals.

Since its establishment in the international market, Seattle Genetics has developed some effective antibody therapies for the people who have cancer. The treatment from the company has saved the lives of many people with the disease. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has earned the trust of many.

Clay Siegall is believed to have studied his zoology course at the prestigious Maryland University. He, however, felt that he needed a Ph.D. in Genetics, and this forced him to study at the Washington University. His career has been focused in cancer research. At the moment, the businessman is considered to be one of the most successful scientists in the oncology division.

As the president of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the company achieves its goals. Siegall has secured the funds needed for the expansion required in the organization since it was established in the year 1998. Not long ago, he helped the company to raise over three million dollars to improve cancer research. The drug from the company, known as ADCETRIC has already found its way on the international platform, and it is currently used in sixty-six nations in the world.

Bruce Bent II’s Experience Has Paid Off

As someone who has been a part of the financial industry for the bulk of his career, Bruce Bent II is successful and knows what it takes to be able to continue the success and to also give himself a chance at being more successful. While Bruce Bent II knows that it is important to bring success to himself, he also knows that it is important to show other people how to be successful, too. Through the use of the Double Rock Corporation, Bruce Bent II is able to be as successful as possible and show people what they are missing in the different things that they are doing. He has worked hard to make sure that he is successful and to bring new things to the financial industry. By doing all of this, Bruce Bent II has given himself a chance at making things better for everyone he works with.

When someone uses the Double Rock Corporation, they are getting a premier financial service. Bruce Bent II and the people who are under him are able to help clients figure out what they should invest and the things that they should be investing in. By doing this, Bruce Bent II is giving people a chance to see what they can get out of different situations and what they will be able to do in the long run. He wants to see people be successful and knows that the only way that this will happen is if they continue with financial advice.

As Bruce Bent II has continued to grow the Double Rock Corporation, he has done a lot for the company. One of the things that he consistently does is provide people with new innovations that they might need for different situations. For example, he has come up with ideas for new trading strategies and for the experiences that he has. It has given Bruce Bent II the chance that he needs to help people and to get more out of the options that he has. Bruce Bent II has come up with these solutions for all of the people who he serves.

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