Adam Goldenberg- The Successful Technopreneur

Adam Goldenberg began his entrepreneurial career at only 15 years of age. His first business that he created was the Gamers Alliance, an advertising site for games. He sold Gamers Alliance in 1999 before completing his high school studies and then joined Intermix Media, the parent firm to MySpace and Alena the same year. Despite his young age, Adam was named the COO of Intermix Media. It was during his time at Intermix that he met with his current business associate Don Ressler. After Intermix had been sold to News Corp in 2006, Adam and Don founded Intelligent Beauty. Currently, the two are the Co-CEOS of JustFab Inc. which was established in 2010. JustFab is currently a global head in the online subscription market and has approximately 35 million subscribers in several parts of the globe.

JustFab is a Unicorn
JustFab managed to get a funding of $85 million in 2014 from its investors at the time. That round of financing increased the firms funding to nearly $300million which transformed the business into a unicorn, a company whose valuation is above $ 1 million. When asked by Francisco about how he felt belonging to this special club, Adam Goldenberg retorted that at the firm they do not brag about being named a unicorn, but they are happy about the external validation that shows they are creating brands and that they clients are satisfied.

In the recent times, many companies have joined the Unicorn club, so Francisco asked Adam if the valuations were a little out of hand. Adam Goldenberg responded by saying that if one could invest in 100 unicorns, it would outperform the larger industry in ten years’ time. This is because most of the unicorns are overvalued, but dinosaur brands will die. Adam further expressed that they will come a time where there will be more online sales as compared to physical sales. This is because of the increased revenue from online sales in the last couple of years.

JustFab’s New Name
In 2016, JustFab Inc. changed its name to TechStyle Group on According to Mr. Goldenberg, the name change was to emphasize the corporation’s roots in technology with its range of brands like ShoeDazzle, FabKids, and Fabletics. The new name was proposed by Shawn Gold, the Company’s corporate marketing officer. Techstyle was ranked 679th position out of 5000 companies on the 2016 Inc.

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Your Wedding and New York Go Perfectly with George Street Photo and Video NYC

Your wedding is a big day. New York is a big city. Combine the two for a perfect range of memorable photos with George Street Photo and Video Address NYC. They will help you select a photographer and a photo package to your liking.

The staff at George Street are dedicated to preserving every detail of your wedding day in photos and on video. They will do shoots in front of notable New York landmarks to make the day extra special. Along with wedding shoots, George Street Photo and Video NYC can also take engagement photos.

Tammy Mazzocco’s Recent Interview On Her Work

Real expert Tammy Mazzocco was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch, and she specifically sells real estate throughout Delaware, Franklin, Licking, and throughout Central Ohio. Starting her career in the past in a commercial firm for real estate, and she worked with about nine different commercial agents. Today, Tammy Mazzocco is the head of her business and strives to accomplish so much success. Her career that lead to being an agent definitely wasn’t an overnight process, but she was a manager for a real estate broker and he encouraged her to start a license. This happened in 1995, and today it is indeed her passion and she loves her work.

Her life revolves around her work, but her day is definitely one interesting enough to look into. Starting with stretching and meditation, she loves waking up and getting herself centered. Striving to get the most difficult thing done in the day, she always tries to get them done first thing in the day. Through practice, she has learned how to properly get her day organized. Click Here for more .

She is one amazing expert real estate agent for numerous reasons. One of them being the fact that she truly understands the process on helping clientele. She doesn’t like focusing on trying to just make the sale and make money. She is truly amazing and incredible at what she does in the world of real estate because of how well she treats her clientele. She also uses different software to help maintain her ways of connecting and staying in contact with her clients.

If you’re the kind of person in her area, she is the right person to speak to. She will lead you to finding the right home to help you invest in the right place. She can guide you and help you accomplish more on getting the right home.

Omar Boraie: Developmet with the Community in Mind

While there are developers who are concerned about developing the most luxurious apartments and condos in the United States, a few others have resolved to make the community benefit as well. One of America’s most influential developers, Omar Boraie, is one of these few. He is bent on ensuring that development is not only a benefit of a few rich people but also the poor.

Omar Boraie is not only a real estate developer and businessman but also a philanthropist at heart. He moved to the United States from Egypt to pursue his passion as a real estate developer. He had big ideas when he came to the US and while most people were doubtful about his abilities to deliver on his projects, he proved them wrong.

Omar is the founder as well as the Vice President of his own company, Boraie Development. It is through his company that he has managed to actualize his dreams for the New Brunswick area and the rest of the neighboring areas. His company not only changed New Brunswick from nothing to a vibrant urban orchard but it also ensured that the lives of the people living in the area were also transformed in the process.

Omar is a visionary and he knew that the dying community which he found when he began his real estate company would soon be a thriving community. Currently, he is to thank for a number of projects in New Brunswick alone. Some of his biggest achievements include The Aspire, Rector Street and the Albany Street Plaza. Omar and his team of real estate and development experts have also completed various other noteworthy projects in the Atlantic City and Newark areas. See also.

With a 30-year old track record in the real estate and development sector, Omar Boraie has used his company as a tool to encourage long-term ownership of property by the members of the community. His company’s resources and hard work has enabled the development of property that attracts not only landlords but also tenants and New Brunswick residents alike.

While Omar is recognized for being one of the most influential and successful developers in the country, he is also reputed for his charity work. As a philanthropist, the businessman is always involved in projects which are aimed to empower and develop the community. One of the positions which he holds in New Brunswick includes membership in the board of trustees for the State Theater. His company has been the sponsor of many activities carried out by the institution. Some of them include summer events that bring together everyone in the community.

Another position which Omar holds is membership in the advisory board if Elijah’s Promise. This is a non-profit organization which provides food for the hungry in New Brunswick. According to Omar, feeding the hungry is one of the ways of transforming and developing the community. He also believes in and continues to encourage the New Brunswick community to participate in property development.

Todd Lubar Helps People Who Can’t Get Loans

Since Todd Lubar is the owner of the Legendary Investments loan company, it comes as somewhat of a surprise that he helps people who cannot get loans. The difference in what Todd Lubar does, though, and traditional loans that people are able to get is that Legendary Investments is far less strict than what the other lenders are like. He does not have big requirements like they do and his company is able to work with people. Some may wonder how he got so successful by helping the “little” guy but he always attributes the success that he has found in the business to being able to do much more than what others are able to do.

What is his secret to success that allows him to be so much more successful and have so many more opportunities when it comes to the way that he does business?

It all comes down to the way that he works hard and the things that he does while he is working hard. He has created a work environment for himself that allows him the chance to be able to do more and to have more opportunities for himself. When he thinks that he is not going to be able to push any further with the options that he has, he goes just a little further. He does this over and over again until he no longer feels like quitting. He wants to make sure that he is doing things the right way with the options that he has.

The way that business goes all depends on the owner and Todd Lubar has done an exemplary job with Legendary Investments. He wanted to make sure that he was offering everything to everyone who was a part of the company and that gave him the chance to show the people who he was doing business with the best parts about their own business. Todd Lubar also made sure that he was staying as organized as possible so that he would be able to keep track of the business that he had. It helped him to do more with what he had.

About Todd Lubar:

José Henrique Borghi Success in Advertising

José Henrique Borghi is one of the most influential advertisers in Brazil. The businessman started his successful career in the year 1989 when he was working for an advertising agency known as Standard Ogilvy. With a lot of hard work, José Henrique Borghi built his portfolio by working for different companies such as FCB, DM9/DDB, Leo Burnett, and Talent. In the year 2002, he partnered with a colleague to form an advertising agency known as BorghiErh.

Under the leadership of José Henrique Borghi, the advertising firm has done well in the field of advertising. The company has attained the respect of clients from different parts of the country. To increase its presence in the competitive market, the firm merged with an institution known as Lowe in 2006. They formed several other mergers to create Mullen Lowe. José Henrique Borghi is still the chief executive officer of the company.

The businessman has been in the marketing industry for twenty-five years. In these years, Borghi has managed to create some advertising that is considered to be the most important and creative in the competitive department. One of the most famous ads from him is one campaign where he designed an advertisement for Parmalat. The ad spoke about the prejudice to individuals in the country living with Down’s syndrome. The short campaign was successful thanks to the ad he designed. The businessman has worked with companies such as Honda. Kelloggs, Unilever, Mitsubishi, Procter, Electrolux, FIAT and many others.

While working in the advertising world, José Henrique Borghi has won several awards. Some of these include the 16 Abril Awards, 11 One Show, 12 Clios and many others. The businessman was recently given the Agency Professional in the country. The Brazilian Advertising Association presented the award. The association only honors individuals who show excellence in the advertising industry. for more .

Jason Hope’s Passions

Technology entrepreneur Jason Hope has two major passions these days in addition to his numerous successful investments: the Internet of Things and the SENS Foundation.

Purposely making time to be a highly-regarded writer and commentator on the latest technology trends, Jason recently wrote about his views on the Internet of Things. He called it the greatest wave of advancement to hit the tech industry and expects it to become the single major advancement in the tech industry for many years to come and be the biggest investment taken on by many of the largest corporations in the world.

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The technology allows various daily-life devices to connect with each other. Electronic devices have the ability to connect using the same network and shared data to increase the operation and efficiency of such things as cars, kitchen appliances, coffee makers, turning lights on and off, and so much more. Hope predicts that this smart technology will create a world in which conceivable devices are able to connect with each other to provide many conveniences. It will also add to public safety improvements and maintenance as well as safer mapping of public transportation with less use of and accidents by private vehicles and provide faster emergency responses.

After being able years ago to pledge a $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope continues to be very involved with the California-based non-profit public research and outreach organization that develops and promotes access to rejuvenation and regenerative biotechnologies and also addresses age-related diseases. The expectation is to reshape the healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries as they exist today.

S.O.S. I Need EOS!

Since the late 1800s, lip balm has been mass produced, making a difference in people’s life. With the power to heal chapped lips, lip balm soon has mass appeal. Brands such as Chapstick and Carmex have become the fixation of teenage guys and girls everywhere looking to attract a person of interest. With that being said, the saturation of the chap stick market has left consumers wondering whether this brand is better than that brand. Fortunately, there is a brand of lip balm like no other. It is known as the EOS Lip Balm. EOS stands for the evolution of smooth. What makes EOS Lip Balm so special? The Answer is simple. EOS Lip Balm has a variety of lip balms to choose. The lip balm itself features organic ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. In contrast, their competitors use ingredients such as petroleum oil and paraben that are not natural and may worsen chapped lips. Also, petroleum oil was originally an industrial oil intended to lubricate machinery. It was not intended for human use. Also EOS Lip Balm does not participate in animal cruelty. They do not test their products out on animals. Another reason why EOS Lip Balm is a superior product is due to its vast array of colors. Click

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The EOS Lip Balm is consumer friendly and comes in different shapes and sizes. Some of their lip balm products are also SPF infused and medicated. In addition, the availability of EOS Lip Balm is also superb. It can be found around the world at most of the major retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart, Ulta, Amazon, Perfumania, DM, Selfridges, Douglas, Boots, Rossmann, and Costco. Thus, the products are not hard to find and the chances are you will see the product at these stores.  More of this on


John Goullet; The Great Goullet Keeps Pushing

John Goullet first began his rise to high esteem when he first went on to attend the institute known as the Ursinus College back in the year of 1979 where he stayed through until the year of 1983 when he left the institution to go on to pursue his dream career when he first dove into the professional world to take on the Info Technologies, Inc., back in the month of July in the year 1994. Staying for just shy of a full sixteen years, the great John Goullet changed his role in the business industry in the February of 2010 when he switched from being the owner and Chief Executive Officer over the Info Technologies, Inc., to become the Chairman over the world famous company known by the name of Diversant LLC. Standing tall as the biggest company working in the area of IT Solutions and IT Staffing that is owned by an African American individual, Diversant LLC is making positive change in an astronomical way. As one of the leading companies that works as fully certified business dealing in the area of Minority Business Enterprise, the company Diversant LLC is a stand tall and take charge business filled to the nines with the best and brightest in their fields so that they can provide nothing short of the absolute best quality resources for their clients. Today John Goullet lives and works out of the Greater New York City Area with a kick in his step and a light in his smile that assures everyone he goes into business with that there is nothing that they need to worry about, after all with the great Goullet on your side, nothing is impossible. Working closely with the owner of the company Diversant LLC, Gene Waddy, the two business big shots have become a true dream team. Having managed to produce some of the finest workers of their time and never shying away from a challenge in order to commit to their visions and pursue their dreams, John Goullet takes on the world with a passion that won’t quit. for  more.

Rona Borre and Her Impact on Business

Rona Borre is a Chicago, IL owner of one of the fastest growing staffing businesses in the country called Instant Alliance. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Borre went right to work for a large, global staffing firm where she set all kinds of records in sales to heights the company had never seen.

Then she decided to start her own staffing company from the spare bedroom of her Chicago condominium. Soon she had an office in downtown Chicago where she now dominates the staffing scene, placing mostly technological and financial professionals. Catering mostly to Fortune 500 companies, but sprinkling in mid-sized and smaller companies.  Useful link on

Rona Borre has seen from the beginning that many of the larger staffing and hiring firms miss a major piece of the pie. It is all about the relationship that is formed between the client company and the recruiter, claims Borre. She and her professional staff cement that relationship very tightly and getting to know the leaders of the client is imperative. They want to know what kind of recruit will fit the culture and objectives of the client. Then they break down all the doors to find that person.  Click on and watch Borre’s talk.

It must work. Borre’s Instant alliance shows a turnover rate of only 1% since the beginning of Instant Alliance.

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