Common Mistakes Can Reduce The Quality Of Photos People Take

When people take photos, many people do not understand the importance of doing certain things and avoiding certain things. Some things that are done can help improve photos while some things that are done can negatively affect photos on Many people just take photos. They do not understand what can make photos look better or worst. With the technology available today regarding camera devices, the knowledge level of many people is lower than it use to be because the technology makes it easier to take better photos.

Many people simply point and shoot concerning taking photos. They do not have to learn much regarding how to use the modern technology devices or the best ways to take photos. Although people are able to get away with a lot today regarding taken photos, there is still a level of skill needed to take really good photos. Technology on allows people without any skill or knowledge related to taken photos to be able to take decent photos. However, people need to understand certain things related to taken photos to be able to take really good photos.

Some of the things people need to know about taken photos involve what to do, but some of the things that people need to know concerning taken photos is what not to do. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa provides insightful tips and advice concerning things to do and not to do regarding taken great photos.

Some of common mistakes that Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa says people should avoid concerning taking photos include:

1. Photographs are not consistent.
2. The majority of the pictures are taken while traveling.
3. People take too many pictures.
4. The shots are not sharp enough.
5. The level of black and white is not correct.
6. HDR is excessive.
7. The composition is not correct.
8. The person taken the picture is not close enough.
9. The colors are too strong.
10. There is no topic.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is well known in the Panama community. He is a business leader, and he plays a vital role in multiple companies in the Panama community. Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa plays a vital role in numerous companies by holding key executive positions in the companies.

While many people in the Panama community are familiar with the accomplishments of Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa in the business world, Mr. Figueroa also plays an important role in the Panama local community as well as the business community.

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Chris Burch: The Entrepreneur With An Eye For Fashion

Christopher Burch is a notable investor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Chris attended Ithaca College where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in business. He cofounded Eagles Eye Apparel which he sold later for more than $150 million after completing college.


Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital and serves as its CEO. The company has worked with some brands such as Poppin, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, and Cocoon9. Chris is an investor and has made personal investments in some companies in recent years. These companies include Nanoleaf, Hooch, Split, and BaubleBar. He acquired Nihiwatu which is a hotel in Indonesia and refurbished it to a world class facility. Nihiwatu has been a success. The managing partner was named the Independent Hotelier in the world by HOTELS magazine this year.


Chris Burch is an active philanthropist and has donated to some organizations. He has supported the Henry Street Settlement, the Child Welfare League of China, and the Sumba Foundation. He started the Christopher Burch Award for Humanism to recognize people who were doing exceptional humanitarian work.


Chris writes regularly. One can find his articles on his site and other outlets. Chris Burch wrote a piece that showed how fashion and technology are coming together and how both of these industries could benefit from each other. He starts by explaining how products that were fashionable in the past were the ones that sold the most. There was the boombox from the 70s to the Walkman in the 90s. All of these products were the in-thing at the time. That is why their popularity spread fast.


Fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht has been using technology throughout her career to come up with unique items such as the dress that paints and the Daredroid (the dress that makes drinks). She says that technology opens up an array of possibilities for one to experiment.


The elegance of fashion has been used by some designers to redesign safety gear. Two female designers came up with a replacement for a helmet for cyclists. The airbag is contained in a device that one wears around the neck and pops out when there is an accident. Another pair of designers created gloves for firefighters that allow them to communicate when in the line of duty. The gloves detect gestures that the firefighters make and can send the message to nearby firefighters. Others have taken to using unconventional materials to come up with new fashions. These materials are recycled. They include bicycle tires and radiator copper.


Comparative Law – The Study of Foreign Legal Systems

Comparative Law in general is the study of how laws within different countries are different from one another. In other words, it involves studying the many different legal systems that exists in the world today. These legal systems include civil laws, common laws, canon laws, socialist law, and so on. It includes an analysis of the foreign legal systems even if no explicit comparison has been undertaken. Comparison law has become very important due to the age of internationalism, democratization, as well as economic globalization.

Authority on Competitive Law – Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is internationally recognized as an authority on comparative constitutional law. Professor Choudhry combines a very wide ranging research agenda with the experience that he has had as an advisor to the constitution building process in such areas as Egypt, Libya, Jordan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Ukraine and Tunisia. Within his travels he has lectured in more than twenty four countries. His extensive research speaks of the constitutional design as a tool in order to manage the transition from a violent conflict to a peaceful democratic politics within ethnically divided societies; decentralization as well as secession; constitutional courts; federalism; minority and group rights; semi-presidentialism; bills of rights and proportionality; constitution building; transitions from authoritarian to democratic rule; official language policy, as well as security sector oversight.

Professor Choudhry is the actual Founding Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, which mobilizes as well as generates knowledge in order to support constitution building. Current projects that are underway are “Security Sector Reform and Constitutional Transitions in Emerging Democracies”, “Dealing with Territorial Cleavages in Constitutional Transitions”, as well as “Security Sector Oversight: Protecting Democratic Consolidation from Authoritarian Backsliding and Partisan Abuse”. Professor Choudhry is also a revered member of the United Nations Mediation Roster, as well as being a consultant to the United Nations Development Program and the World Bank Institute.

Haircare Do’s & Dont’s

Haircare is one of the largest and most successful industries in the world as it hosts a wide range of services. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of products on the market at any gives time. Did you know that many of the top brands such as Head & Shoulders, L’Oréal, Herbal Essence, etc. are loaded with parabens and sulfates. The very lather from your shampoo products are basically caused by sulfates and these chemicals can cause eye irritation and dry scalp with prolonged use. Since everyone has different hair textures, try using a product that’s gentle and that works best for your specific hair type.

For dry hair try using products with glycerin or collagen to add moisture. Curlier hair tends to frizz under humid conditions so using a softening shampoo works best. On the other hand for fine stranded hair texture, try using a gentle shampoo that’s good for day to day use. It may take some trial and error to find the right product, but once you’ve found it, managing your luscious locks will be a breeze. Celebrity Hairstylist Chaz Dean has an answer to all of your hair questions. WEN by Chaz is a revolutionary formula made of the finest of natural ingredients. Over a span of 16 years this exclusive brand has sold more than 40 Million units and the brand can be used for all hair types no matter the race.

WEN by Chaz is a reflection of living a healthy lifestyle. Founder Chaz Dean ( has implemented this idea into the products and it seems to be working as well as selling. If you truly want better haircare that is much more manageable, you should try WEN by Chaz products as you’ll receive the highest of quality from the finest of ingredients.

You’re encouraged to visit or Wen’s Facebook page for more information.

The Top 100 Influential Individuals in the World Transforming Peoples’ Lives; Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel but his family later moved to Kiryat Motzkin where he spent his early life. He joined Israeli defense forces and served during Yong Kippur war. Adam then studied Bachelor of Business and Economics at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, and as he studied, he helped his father in expanding the family business. He then moved to the United States with his family.

In US, he pursued and attained a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. His academic qualifications landed him a job in real estate. He worked in the sales department for some time before venturing forth to start investments in real estate.

Adam co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein family foundation, which is based in Los Angeles, and he is the president. Adam and his wife, Gila, started the organization in 2000. The two have a reputation for sponsoring young Israeli professionals. They sponsor students’ education and help them connect with the State of Israel. They provide them with facts and knowledge about the Jewish culture.

Besides being the president of the foundation, he is an Israeli real estate investor, a philanthropist and a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, where he oversees the firm’s finance and accounting dockets. Hager Pacific specializes in rehabilitation and re-positioning of properties.

Milstein boasts the following achievements;

• He co-founded the Israeli-American Council where he is the chairperson.

• He is on the boards of Israeli on Campus Coalition, Birthright Israeli, American Israeli Public Affairs, and the Jewish Funders Network.

• Adam and his wife are the founders of Sifriyat Pijama B’America, which is an organization that provides Hebrew free books.

• Together with other people like Haim Saban, Adam organized a Campus Maccabees Summit, which united over 50 organizations and helped to chart and alternative rhetoric about the Jewish State in America’s colleges and universities.

• Adam Milstein is a businessman who starts and funds organizations. He aims at helping children, youths, and adults groups.

He is a great man and was named among the top 100 people who have positively influenced others in the Jewish community.

The Rise of MB2 Dental Solutions

If there is a dental service firm that is dominating this industry far and wide is MB2 Dental Solutions. MB2 Dental Solutions is a leading dental service company that operates as a partner to the affiliated dentists and practice owners all over the world. They also provide affiliated offices as well as an assortment of services to assist them to run their operations efficiently without having to give up the control of patient health care and standards of service at their practice. MB2 Dental Solutions affiliated dental offices enjoy 100% clinical autonomy and with the help of the MB2 team and are efficiently running every aspect of the practice.


How It Started

The founder and CEO of MB2 Dental Solutions, Chris Steven Villanueva started out like any other dentist in the service to the dental community. After becoming frustrated by the problems in both the Private Practice as well as Group Practice systems of dentistry, Dr. Villanueva started the MB2 Dental Solutions. Villanueva wanted dentists to be able to get back to enjoy their career and still reap the benefits as well as the profitability of this clinical talents and drive.


In short, the MB2 Dental Solutions was founded with the sole vision of combining the positive aspects of private practitioners and group practices while alleviating the negative characteristics of each one of them. Since its inception in the year 2009, MB2 has moved from vision to reality with more than 70 staff members and over 60 affiliated dental clinics.


Tremendous Growth

MB2 Dental Solutions has seen incredible growth from their young history as a leading Dental Service Organization. After being founded by Dr. Chris Villanueva in the year 2009, MB2 has grown in rips and bounds to over six states in the US. By providing affiliated clinics a vast variety of services, MB2 enables doctors to run their practice proficiently without having to forfeit the control of patient care and standards of the service.


The Priority Dental system for MB2 Dental Solutions trademark, identity guidelines as well as the tagline is, ”Make Your Oral Health A Priority Now; You’ll Be Glad You Did.” The CDI Group initiated its partnership with the MB2 in 2014 by designing as well as implementing the Priority Dental Plan. Working very closely with senior the management at MB2, they created a dental plan that suits the MB2 brand as well as its affiliated services. The CDI Group also initiated the plan marketing materials such as plan brochures, posters, postcards and tabletop displays.


Closing the Door and Moving Forward

Leaving a relationship can be extremely difficult. The transition is extremely awkward whether its business or personal. Things get really tricky in the case of business. There are legalities and financial responsibilities that need tending to. The transition of Atlanta Hawks ownership was no different. There was a dispute between the former ownership group and the insurance company that covered the team. The controlling partner at the time was Bruce Levenson. Levenson headed up the ownership group known as Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. It would eventually sell to a new team led by Tony Ressler.

Bruce Levenson claims that the insurance company AIG did not live up to its responsibilities in the case against former team general manager Danny Ferry. He claimed breach of contract and filed the document with the superior court of Fulton County on September 13th. The suit accuses AIG of never acknowledging that the policy was triggered. The case involving Ferry included legal expenses that were supposed to be covered in the insurance policy. The Atlanta Hawks reached a settlement with Danny Ferry on June 22nd 2015. They agreed to a buyout of 6 year 18 million dollar contract.

The lawsuit asserts that AIG never participated in the dispute between the former general manager and AHBE. Danny Ferry accused the ownership group of wrongful termination. The ownership group was supposed to be covered during the trial period for legal expenses.

Atlanta Hawks eventually sold for a price far less than AHBE was expecting. However, they did make a profit on their original investment. According to, Tony Ressler and his new ownership group were not implicated in any of the charges related to the lawsuit. The team has been able to move forward without further controversy.

AIG has continued to remain silent about anything involving there case with the Atlanta Hawks.

More on Bruce Levenson’s latest philanthropic endeavors can be seen on PR Newswire.

Capitol Anesthesiologists Associates Make Surgery Bearable for Kids

When Mark Stratton, 12, started having mild abdominal pains after meals, his mother, Julie, wanted to give it a while to see if it would resolve on its own. Julie was worried that another trip to the doctor’s office could mean huge medical bills that she couldn’t pay. But after the pain persisted for two weeks, it was clear they needed to see a doctor.

They were directed to Dell Children’s Medical Center. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the doctor emerged with the news no parent wants to hear – Mark had a rare form of pancreatic cancer called islet cell carcinoma. “At first I was devastated”, she said. “But the doctor quickly reassured us that this was a highly treatable form of cancer”. But Mark would need to undergo a major operation, referred to as the Whipple procedure. “The thing I worried most about was the pain. They had to open him up, god I didn’t want to think about that”, she says, holding back tears.

Luckily, Julie was connected with a team of anesthesiologists from the Capitol Anesthesiologist Association. They assured her that with a professional team carefully administering the agent Propofol, that Mark would be unaware of anything during the operation.

The operation was a huge success.

“I was really scared”, said Mark. But when asked if he was in a lot of pain, he said, “yeah, but mostly when I got home and didn’t take my pain meds”.

Today Mark is cancer free and both he and Julie are grateful for the expert services of the Capitol Anesthesiology Association.

Amazing Tricks Anyone Can Try To Improve Photography Using A Smartphone

Everyone wants to produce clear and high quality photos when using a smartphone to capture events, but this desire is sometimes not fulfilled due to lack of skills or the right device settings. Photographers from across the world like Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa have come up with tricks and suggestions that have helped to make it easier for one to shoot clear and amazing photos while using a smartphone.

Some of the basic things every photographer should understand include photographic depth, how to adjust lighting and timing to create an impressive scene. Using these tricks of Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa in the right manner will help you to shoot photos that are amazing.

Understand options of the camera app
Every phone that comes with a camera offers settings and features that the photographer can take advantage of to improve photography. Some of these include the ability to adjust the aperture and shutter speed as well as motion blur to create emphasis. Some applications may prove complex while others are simple to use, so it is advisable to take your time to understand how each works before you can proceed to take your photos.

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Embrace the use of filters
Filters eliminate defects and help you to apply some effects that enhance the look of your photos. However, this does not mean you should use filters on all types of photos. The scene and other factors like lighting should influence your decision to apply filters in a certain manner. While polishing your photos, take time to try out different filters so you can compare what produces a perfect image.

Learn editing
Editing is an important aspect of photography and there are many applications that one can use to enhance the appearance of photos even when using a smartphone. If you are new to the skill, you can search online for short editing courses that may not cost you a lot to learn the important skill. For mobile users, there are applications like VSCI and Snapseed that are easy to use and ideal for editing.

About Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa
Born and raised in Venezuela, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has been involved in the development of the business world within the country and beyond. He also derives passion in photography and has been guiding starters on the vital skills they can apply to improve their skills at the art. Additionally, Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa heads several companies and is a respected member of the business community of Panama.

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Brad Reifler Advises Young People On The Principles Of Finance

Brad Reifler is a serial entrepreneur and hedge fund manager. Brad is the current CEO of Forefront Capital Management. He began his career in 1982 when he founded his firm Reifler Trading Corporation, a company that that engaged in the execution of global derivatives. Brad also founded Pali Capital where he served as the chairman and CEO between 1995 and 2008.

Under his leadership at Pali Capital, Brad guided the firm to over $200 million annual profits. The company had more than 200 employees and expanded across the boundaries to Australia and the U.K.

Brad Reifler advice young people on the critical lessons in finance. Here are a few points you need to learn from the serial entrepreneur with excellent track record in hedge fund management:

It is Important to budget

Just as the established businesses prepare budgets, project revenue returns, and plan expenditures, individuals need to plan for their income, expenses, and savings. You would spend your money better if you considered yourself as a business enterprise.

You are paid less than what you make

Most employees take a little time to analyze their pay stub. The pay stub will give you detailed information on what you earn and the net cash you take home. Deduction ranging from the federal government income tax, social security contributions, local taxes, health insurance deductions, etc. will drastically reduce your net earnings.

The effect of Compound Interest

As a young person, if you begin saving a little cash every month, your savings can be quite substantial by the time you retire. That is due to the compound interest earned annually on what you save plus the interest earned the previous year.

You Need a Good Credit

Student loans can be acquired from non-existent or weak credit history. You, however, need a good credit record to qualify for mortgages or other asset financing services. You, therefore, need to build a good credit history by paying your bills promptly and taking out starter loans.

How to Pay For College

If you are paying your own fees, you might need to avoid the top class private universities and opt for affordable public colleges.