Meditation, Multitasking And ‘Writing It Down’ Fuel Super Consultant Luke Lazarus

Luke Lazarus has been one of Australia’s most in-demand business consultants for more than two decades. His name is often the first to come up when a floundering business needs solutions to get back on track.

He is also a much sought-after consultant for those who are stating a new venture. Even successful operations and organization seek out Mr. Lazarus for innovative ideas and strategies to take their business to the next level.

Luke Lazarus was a phenom from an early age. He completed an MBA by age 24 at Melbourne Business School. He didn’t let the ink dry on his diploma as he set out and established his first business venture.

By age 33, he had created and sold four or Australia’s most robust companies. Now, at age 43, he’s as busy as ever consulting, lecturing, mentoring and serving as a catalyst for numerous start-ups.

What’s the secret of his success?

In recent interview, Mr. Lazarus graciously took some time to describe what his life is like, offered insights into his daily routines and hinted at what he finds exciting today.

His day typically begins with 10 to 15 minutes of meditation to clear his mind, relieve stress and balance himself for a busy day. He’s a fan of making a To-Do List, but only mentally. Read more: Luke Lazarus – and Luke Lazarus Profile |

With that set, he heads to the gym for a work out. This he does seven days a week. Like meditation, Mr. Lazarus finds that strenuous physical activity keeps stress away and balances the mind.

Lazarus is a dedicated multi-tasker. He reads and answers emails, returns phone calls and talks to key people face-to-face when necessary. He describes himself as a person who is “extremely organized.” That’s important in his role as a consultant. When people hire him to consult, the time is often limited. Sometimes it’s just a single eight-hour day with a client.

To give the most of what he gets paid to do, Mr. Lazarus says a high degree of organization and an ability to set priorities works wonders.

Another thing Luke Lazarus likes to say is: “It’s all in the writing.” That means he takes a lot of notes about everything he does each day, including jotting down ideas and inspirations that can make big differences for his clients.

He takes a few minutes each morning to review his written notes from the day before. From this exercise he finds it easy to formulate a new list of actions.

What gets his juices flowing today is something he calls the “experience economy.” He said customers today expect an experience and emotional connection with the products and services they choose to buy.

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Steve Lesnard’s Success in the Sports Industry

Steve Lesnard is a recognized profiler within the sports industry. He previously worked with a well-known sports brand as a high-role executive. Years of experience in marketing of the sports industry has helped him analyze huge data with insights in technical advertisement and being able to provide customers with high quality products without any sort of delay in time. Lesnard became passionate about sports since his childhood.

He grew up around the regions of Corsica and Paris, France. He studied in France on business, specializing on entrepreneurial and global business. While in school, his focus was balanced between his education and sports. He continued to develop his talent in sports and created a network of connections in the sports industry. He later relocated to United States and attained himself an entrepreneurial MBA.

Lesnard first worked as the Director of marketing department of Wolford. Wolford is a classic fashion retail business based in New York City. After a year of working in Wolford, he moved on to explore his passion for sports in the sports industry. His first job in sports was in the Nagano Olympics. In Nagano Olympics, he managed the signing of professional athletes, and participation in season creation of products.

From Nagano Olympics, he moved on to specifically deal with Product Creation. He was responsible for product development for professional athletes and considered it to be a worthwhile experience. For more than 20 years, Lesnard has served in several roles in the sports industry. He focuses on advertising and management in general. He has managed and leaded several campaigns in Olympic marketing. His management career has been successful and is recognized for generating revenue worth billions in the industry.

With lots of experience in product creation, Lesnard understands customers’ taste and preference. He states that customers are increasingly involved in the trend of being conscious of their health. Customers have changed the way in which they shop for products, by embracing products that accentuate their wellness. He discloses that being mindful and exercising is significant in living healthy and having a happy life, with the help of products.

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Ted Bauman Claims That Amazon Couldn’t Be A Monopoly

Large international companies have always had a certain amount of criticism thrown at them, for a variety of different reasons. As such, one company that’s drawn a significant amount of criticism in the last few years has been Amazon, which has received comments on the likes of its business practices and much more. Having said that, though, one thing that people have repeatedly leveled at the company has been the fact that it’s a monopoly. However, financial and investment expert Ted Bauman has claimed that, while some accusations may be accurate, the Monopoly one isn’t.

This is chiefly because, as Ted Bauman notes, the online retail giant doesn’t meet much of what could be seen as the criteria for a monopoly. One of the most notable examples of this has been that Amazon has an extensive amount of competitors in all of their main markets. Furthermore, many of these rivals are generating more revenues than the e-commerce giant. Pointing to Walmart, he noted that it was able to generate about three times as much yearly revenue as Amazon. On top of this, Walmart, eBay, Apple, Target, Macy’s and other competitors take a share of roughly 56 percent of the e-commerce market. As such, Ted Bauman has noted that the company hasn’t been able to monopolize the market, as many believed it might have.

Furthermore, Ted Bauman has noted that the brick-and-mortar industry hasn’t been impacted too significantly by Amazon, either. As he’s noted, it takes up one-twentieth of all U.S. retail income, with the majority of the other revenue going to more conventional stores and other competitors. Bauman also noted that e-commerce itself hasn’t been too detrimental to many conventional stores across the United States, as they still bring in the majority of revenues that are spent in the country. Having said that, one other thing that many critics have aimed at the company is that it’s involved in an extensive amount of markets. However, as Ted Bauman has highlighted, it also has healthy and extensive competition in each of these areas. Furthermore, Amazon also lacks the controlling interest needed in these markets to be considered a monopoly.

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Why Choose a Quality Press Release Distribution Services

Perhaps you have wondered the difference of using an outstanding news release circulation services? Yes, quality suggests, you choose for a service which offers high criteria in setting your details in the ideal places and internet sites.

Companies provide numerous advantages, attributes, and also bundles. You need to select a solution which guarantees you obtain a superb return-on-investment (ROI).

Know the value of employing an Outstanding newswire solution:

1. You construct as well as preserve best credibility.

Working together ensures your releases get to significant journalists and magazines, which can be essential in establishing your track record.

Regular issuance of launches gives you with an authority as well as a professional in your business. In the time of emergencies, such as product recalls, safety breaches or security troubles, they will have the ability to let you get to journalists. It mitigates the catastrophe as you can provide a news releases right on time at the excellent target market.

2. You create a strong branding.

Possessing a solid branding is important to all sorts of companies, but most especially startups as well as tiny business as they’re still beginning. It’s essential that you create a helpful and powerful brand name to get even more brand name urges and also earnings.

If you pick decent online supply help, they might inform you that routine issuance of news releases can boost your trustworthiness as an authority in your organisation. It takes some time to develop this track record, and that means you need to be prepared with your initiative that’s tailored toward long-lasting.

3. You will discover much better outcomes.

When you utilized a top quality paid service, then you obtain more substantial end results than when you pick any type of organization or a free supply website. Paid services are made up because they offer more functions which might assist you acquire your purposes. Free sites are free because they do not provide many characteristics that could assure remarkable end results.

When considering which service you will certainly get, you need to consider the return-on-investment (ROI), targets and also your budget plan. Think which company will certainly be able to assist you reach your objective.

A paid assistance can assist your launch to get encountering a number of journalists and also publications. They may provide you tracking devices and also analytics reports which are necessary that you determine your initiative.

A reputable supply solution can advise you on the ideal launch that gets found from the press reporters. Some supply dispersing and also creating services, though some can advise you on how best to think about newsworthy as well as related material.

4. You accomplish your audience.

A fantastic supply service offers geo-targeting high quality that targets business connected with you. It ensures your story reaches the reporters that cover the same story and also reveal your information to the visitors that are most likely to concentrate on your brand.

A best press release distribution solution makes it feasible to achieve suitable press reporters your meant target market will follow. Reaching your target visitors is rather crucial in campaigns due to the fact that then you’ll likewise meet your sales website traffic as well as additionally have high credibility.

5. Your details reaches distinct places.

Getting your story published on numerous websites as well as places make certain that your tale is going to have a much more comprehensive reach. More individuals can comprehend your brand-new and what you give.

Your tale could reach national as well as neighborhood reporters and information electrical outlets. Prior to selecting a business, pick one which targets a much more comprehensive network of colleagues and also publications that relate to your market.

Whenever your tale reaches much, it may read by prospective customers as well as financiers. It might mean higher sales and venture. Whenever your brand name grows, you become a professional and also authority in your area.

It might get to distinctive social networking terminals. You obtain brand-new buyers as well as advocates. These could be accomplished with the help of news releases.

When selecting a solution, ensure you spend a long time recognizing the features, bundles, customer support, records and various other vital features which could aid your campaign. Do not simply choose a service, outstanding premium supply assistance.

Neurocore Offering a Third Option

Neurocore focuses on how to help individuals with their own mental wellness. Through the use of brain based assessments Neurocore can create a training program tailored to what an individual needs. This brain training can help people from children to adults in managing the following challenges; ADHD, anxiety, memory, autism, migraines, stress, depression, and sleep problems.
They use repetition and positive reinforcement to retrain the brain to be more efficient.

Neurocore has offered a third option when it comes to the treatment of a behavioral and mental health challenges. They believe that when medication and psychotherapy fails that neuroscience offers hope for change. Through neurofeedback the people at Neurocore can identify what impacts the brain and change how it is impacted. It has no side effect like any pharmaceutical drug that can be prescribed.

Neurocore uses a technique that was first used back in the late 18th century, electroencephalogram or EEG for short. An EEG is used to start mapping the brain’s activity to get a baseline. They begin neurofeedback by letting a client watch their favorite movie while monitoring an EEG “hat” that allows them to see when the brain is functioning properly. The positive reinforcement comes into play by being allowed to watch the movie all the way through without it stopping when the brain doesn’t function optimally.

Neurocore is flexible when it comes to choosing your treatment plan. Along with the traditional in center treatments where you come in and do all the diagnostic and treatment, there are more convenient alternatives. There is an at home option where you can do all of the work from the comfort of your home. They will still receive and analyze your personal brain data to provide you with a plan to follow but now there isn’t a need to leave your home. If you need someone to talk to you can also schedule and appointment with a professional for therapy and counseling services. If you are looking to simply improve your brain function and memory there is also something for that. Memory Boot camp was designed to on an individual basis see where improvement is needed and how to train as well as recommend vitamins and supplements to improve brain function.

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How the OSI Group McDonalds Hamburgers are Made

The OSI Group is a privately owned and operated holding firm of meat processors that service both retail and food service industries. Currently, it operates more than 65 facilities in seventeen countries. McDonald is the current Chief Operating Officer and the President of the company.

Before being appointed as the President and Chief Operating Officer of the OSI Group, he served as the Project Manager of the OSI Industries. Also, he serves as the Chairperson of the North American Meat Institute. He attended the University Of Iowa State and he holds a degree in Animal Science.

The Procedure of Making the OSI Group McDonalds Hamburgers

Currently, most individuals are getting more and more concerned about ingredients; from the excess sugar and organic ingredients to salt and food additives. The OSI Group McDonalds attracts plenty of consumers, and it is among the leading food processing firms in the world.

Both the French fries and chicken hamburgers are like other foods, and they can rot when you keep them under unfavorable conditions. According to McDonald, the food products do not have any preservatives. Recently, Business Insider visited the OSI Group McDonalds factory to see how they process their burgers. Here is how they prepare their food products.

• Hygiene is Essential with the Industry: The firm ensures that workers who have had stomach bug are not allowed to perform their duties until they have investigated the primary cause with their physician to prevent viruses and bacteria coming into contact with meat.

• The Meat is Well-Checked to ensure it is a Bone-Free: Since only large pieces of meat are processed in the factory, the OSI Group McDonalds requests all suppliers to reduce any risks of contamination because they’ve got a small surface area which could easily be contaminated by bacteria.

• Storage: After checking, the meat is stored in containers of 500 kilograms each.

• The Meat is minced: While mincing, the blenders grind the meat to ensure that there are no bone pieces.

After the grinding process, the meat is Shaped, rolled off the belt, tested, frozen, packed in boxes and wrapped in plastic before being taken to distribution centers and then to McDonald’s restaurants.

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Follow Your Interests in a Productive Fashion Like Carsten Thiel

Carsten Thiel got to where he was by following his interests. He started out by realizing that he had a passion and a love for science. Lucky for Carsten Thiel, this love for science would be something that would lead to him to many different interesting positions to and opportunities. The sciences is a field that is significantly helpful to society in many different ways and Carsten Thiel was able to focus in one on specific portion of the sector.

Carsten Thiel went to school and studied chemistry in a place called Malbrook. Carsten Thiel then wanted to experience life and education in a different society and Carsten Thiel then went to the University of Bristol in the UK. It was in the UK where he would really start to hone his skills, talent, knowledge, relationships and more in pursuit of higher education. Carsten Thiel studied organic chemistry and made sure to obtain his four-year degree within the subject. He then went on and studied at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and earned more degrees in Molecular Biology.

This interest in the sciences allowed him to stumble upon an interesting problem, how healthy cells become harmful cells.

After Carsten Thiel finalized his education, he went on to find compelling work. Compelling work would call to him because he was in a space that would need talented and bright minds with specific expertise. He started out in the sector by working with Hoffman La-Roche, a biotechnology firm that was making waves within the sector for the work that it was doing. He started off by working with the company in a communications role while also adding the duties that are taken on by a product manager. Carsten Thiel did a great job with all of the tasks that were given to him and he would find himself progressing at a rapid clip throughout the company.

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Marc Beer Role to the Health Industry

Marc Beer is a prominent businessman excelling in biotechnology, commercialization, and pharmaceuticals. He has over 25vyaers of experience in these fields making significant contributions and providing solutions to many health problems. Marc Beer is devoted to learn and share his experiences to create a better health industry where people needs are met. As a graduate from Miami University Marc Beer has extensive skills and expertise to run the health business. He has worked in several companies serving at the top positions to ensure that he makes significant changes and provides various diagnostics for different diseases.


Previously Marc Beer served at the Good Start Genetics as the founder and the Chair of the board of directors later at the Abbot Laboratories where he made significant contributions. Marc Beer has also worked at Genzyme as the Vice President and ensured that the company was traded publicly and later joined Viacell Company where he played a significant role in changing the structure of the organization in the company. Viacell dealt with the collection, Preservation, and improvement of Umbilical cord blood stem cells and Marc Beer provided his service for about seven years.


Later Marc Beer joined forces with Ramon Iglesias to launch Renovia Company based in the Boston United States and dealing with a variety of services including providing solutions for women suffering from urinary incontinence. Marc Beer raised money used in constructing a health center based in Boston that has several experts devoted to research and provide solutions to treat urinary incontinence including pelvic disorder. Marc Beer works closely with the Renovia management team to ensure there is smooth running and all patients are treated with respect and dignity in each level. He has made a significant contribution to the health industry including the creation of Leva Digital product fitted with all the necessary kits to help improve the strength of pelvic muscles. Learn more:


Recently Marc Beer received an appointment from LumeNXT to serve as the head of the board of directors. LumeNXT is a private company focused on Surgical Illumination. They appointed Marc Beer for his extensive skills and experience in the health industry. As the char of the board, Marc Beer will be able to share his ideas with the other surgeons and engineers. LumeNXT has adopted the use of proprietary technology to ensure that all their patients are provided with high quality services.


The co-founder of LumeNXT Paul Rhyne shared that with Marc Beer on the team of surgeons providing his extensive skills and experience the company will be able to conduct many successful surgeries as well as increase the logistics of the company. LumeNXT uses modern advanced technology to perform operations; some of the techniques used include heat reduction mechanism to aid in the surgery effectiveness process.

Article Title: The RealReal, future of fashion?

Article Text:

Many people have heard of consignment auctions. If you haven’t though, a consignment auction is an auction where you can drop off your belongings for people to bid on. Then you just sit back while someone else sells your stuff. You can then pick up your check afterward or wait for them to mail it to you. Well, The RealReal is just that but for clothes. These aren’t your average middle-class clothes either. The items for sale on The RealReal are usually high-end brand names like Gucci. In 2017 the New York Times states, “The RealReal has raised $173 million since it’s founding.” This isn’t too bad considering they were founded in 2011. When looking at some of the pictures on their Instagram you’ll quickly see brands like Christian Dior, Gucci, and Fendi Roma. One of the pictures that caught my eye eas a Fendi Roma Mon Tresor Bucket Bag. It looks like a simple white bag purse with a drawstring closure. When going to the actual website though this bag is weighted with the hefty price of $1790. I’m middle class and wouldn’t pay more than $50 for a purse of any kind. This is where The RealReal comes in hand because since these items are used they’re discounted. Still out of my range, but there are people out there that would jump at that deal. Another eye-catching picture I saw on their Instagram was a pair of hot pink Balenciaga mules. Studded with crystals on the top in the front they really pop out. There were so many more photos that were easy of the eyes, but I’ll let you find those for yourself. Check out The RealReal for all your clothes consignment needs.

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Article Title: The Agera Energy Company and Services

If you are looking for a great energy company and need to make a change for yourself and your family, there is nothing quite like the Agera Energy business. The Agera Energy company was founded to help reduce the costs of both natural gas and electricity.

This is giving people the chance to easily and quickly make the most out of this process and know they are getting a quality product at a more affordable rate. This is a company that you are going to find helps you out quite a bit and allows you to save money in the process. Be sure to check out Agera Energy on social media as well as through the Agera Energy website itself. You can also choose to buy stock in the company if this is something that you think would benefit you. This is a company that works primarily with residential properties and businesses. Learn more about Agera