The Attributes and Achievements of Madison Street Capital

The Chicago-based firm Madison Street Capital has found its own success in a market area that generates much demand. A recent company profile that is featured on highlights how this advisory firm is recognized for helping middle-market businesses in different areas of need.

Madison Street Capital received an award for its efforts in helping a business restructure in 2016. The firm received the Turnaround Award in the beginning of 2017, beating out hundreds of other companies that were eligible to receive the award.

In addition to the recent accolade, Madison Street Capital was a finalist at the M&A Advisor Awards in 2016. The award for which Madison Street Capital was in the running is specifically given to investment firms that help the merger or acquisition process of industrial companies valued at $100 million or less.

Philanthropy and charitable contributions are of considerable importance to Madison Street Capital, which also helped to solidify the reputation of the firm.

Both the United Way and the American Red Cross have received donations from the firm, and Madison Street Capital regularly encourages clients to get involved as well. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

When a severe outbreak occurred in the United States in 2011, Madison Street Capital was one of numerous firms to directly donate funds to disaster relief. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Pitch Engine

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that was established in 2005. The firm works with middle-market companies, an area that is often underserved due to its variety and complexity.

The services of Madison Street Capital include general valuation of the business, valuation for financial reporting, and experience financial advice for business owners. With a solid reputation in the middle market, the success of Madison Street Capital comes from understanding the diverse needs of each business and creating appropriate strategies.

A specialty of Madison Street Capital is assisting in mergers and acquisitions. The firm is able to help businesses find accurate valuation, create a smooth exit strategy, and ultimately facilitate the transition with lending and other services.

Madison Street Capital has offices in three continents, making the firm well-versed in other international markets as well as domestic business dealings.

What Is Livio Bisterzo’s Next Move After Partnering With Leonardo DiCaprio

     Entrepreneur Livio Bisterzo is one of the few entrepreneurs who are concerned about the future of the snacks industry. Today, most consumers are looking for healthier substitution to the traditional meals which are either too sugary or full of empty calories. Livio has created organic snacks which are made from chickpeas. The businessman is the founder of HIPPEAS which is a brand of chickpeas that have grown in popularity in the US and the UK.

Livio Bisterzo believes that entrepreneurship gives individuals an opportunity to have an impact on the society. That is why the entrepreneur is keen on growing small-scale farmers who supply his business with the raw materials it requires. Livio is changing the lives of both the consumer and the producer.

Recently, Green Park Brands, HIPPEAS’ parent company inked a partnership deal with Strand Equity Partners. Strand Equity is associated with renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio who has starred in numerous Hollywood blockbusters. This collaboration presents a new chapter of investment for Green Park Brands. The development demonstrates how much a success story HIPPEAS has become.

Livio Bisterzo exudes confidence on the future growth of HIPPEAS given the new celebrity investment and endorsement of the company’s products. HIPPEAS snacks couldn’t have debuted at a better time. Today, most consumers are keen on what they eat making the demand for healthier foods to spike.

While championing the idea of living healthy, Livio Bisterzo is also trying to ensure that his products are strictly organic and they are manufactured in the most professional ways. The popularity of HIPPEAS has been accelerated by the full range of flavors that the snack company has to offer. So far the light meals come in six different flavors.

HIPPEAS brand has managed to establish a robust distribution system for its products given that the snacks are already retailing in over 20,000 shops across the UK and the US. Acclaimed brands such as Starbucks, Target and even Amazon are some of the biggest retailers who have been left behind in stocking the snacks.

As part of Green Park Brands’ social corporate responsibility, the company dedicates some of the proceeds from its sales to the farmers in rural East Africa. The monies are used for initiatives that seek to lift the poor farmers from squalor.

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Drew Madden’s Contribution In The Electronic Medical Records In Various Consulting Companies

He studied BSE, Industrial Engineering focusing on Medical Systems at the University of Lowa from 1998 to 2002. He was the Student advisor for the four years he was at the university.

Drew Madden is a Healthcare IT businessperson who is ardent about creating committed client partnerships, top-notch staff, and unique company systems.

Work Experience

From 2002 to 2006, he worked as an integration consultant at the Cerner Corporation executing Inpatient Clinical applications at two main Chicago hospital structures and obtained a certificate in CPOE, PharmNet, and eMAR application units.

Mr. Madden was the senior epic consultant of Healthier Consulting and Ingenix Consulting from January 2006 to the last month of the year 2010. For the five years, he was there, drew executed Epic Inpatient applications in several hospital structures in Midwest. This led to him receiving certification in Inpatient Medication Orders, Clinical Documentation, Inpatient Procedure Orders and Willow (EpicRx). At Ingenix Consulting, he served as a regional sales director for one year and one month and was responsible for business sales and development of Allscripts, GE, and Epic consulting applications in the Midwest.

Immediately after leaving Ingenix Consulting, Mr. Madden became the executive vice president of Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc in December 2010 where he served for only seven months before being promoted to being the president of the same company in June 2011. Being the president of Nordic, he was responsible for recruitment, business development and consultation for the leading Epic consulting company in the world. He worked at the company for four years and some months. During Drew’s time at Nordic, the company grew from three to one hundred and fifty client partners, ten to seven hundred and seventy-five staff members and annual revenue of 130 million dollars from one million dollars.

Drew Madden is currently the managing partner at Evergreen Health Partner, Madison Wisconsin Area, from July 2017. He is very passionate about Electronic Medical Records and is very experienced in that field. Madden has spent a lot of years working together with some of the brightest individuals in the consulting industry to improve, execute, diagnose and solve complex encounters that are realized in EMR projects.

What Makes OSI Group a Giant in the Food Industry


OSI Group is among the biggest companies in the World’s Food Industry. The company focuses on manufacturing of food products. Growth and development of the group has been a core issue. In fact, last year alone, the company managed to acquire seven food facilities in the US and Europe. The leadership team of the group ensures that all the companies the group acquires, align with their goals and values. This is one of the factors contributing to the steady growth of the company.

Growth and Development

The growth of the OSI Group takes place in all fields of the company. Some of the things affected by the growth of the company include production capacity, quality of products, variety, and the number of clients the company serves. According to the group’s president, the company has also partnered with their customers to come up with products that impact the growth of their business. Building a good relationship with the clients and customers have helped the company to improve the quality of products manufactured.

OSI Group has managed to offer consumers more food product options. The food options include natural, organic foods and premium foods stuff among others. All the food products from the OSI group are tasty and healthy. Currently, the company operates in 16 countries outside the US.

Expansion of the Group

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, the company recently acquired former Tyson Food Plant in Chicago. The facility occupies an area of 200,000 square foot. According to OSI Industries spokesperson, purchasing Tyson Food plant will boost the company’s business and growth in the region. Tyson Food Plant products include beef, pork, poultry, and vegetables among others.

The OSI Group also purchased Baho Food. Baho Food is a leading Dutch food manufacturing company in Europe. Baho has a wide variety of food products. These food products range from deli meat, bacon, meatballs and snacks among others. The company also purchased Flagship Europe another leading food manufacturing company in the region. The presence of OSI Group in Europe has been strengthening every year.

About OSI Group

According to Forbes, OSI Group was founded in the year 1909. With over a century in the food industry, it has grown to become the biggest food company in the world. The company is headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group ranks 58th Largest Privately held companies in America. The company generates a revenue of $6.1 billion annually.

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Take the Struggle and Guess Work Out of Success By Contacting MB2 Dental Solutions

MB2 Dental Solutions is a unique firm. They connect a large group of dental offices with talented dentists, assistants, and dental specialists in all areas of dental care with people who are highly trained and have the talent and expertise required to perform in this highly skilled trade.

MB2 Dental has over 80 affiliated locations in six states and they pride themselves in their affiliation with dentists and specialists who are devoted to their work. MB2 provides various resources to practices enabling the practitioners to focus on the care of their patients. Humanizing healthcare is one of the resources MB2 offers to their locally owned practices.

One of the principles this company was founded on is helping doctors work together to accomplish more as dentists.

A few of the services MB2 offers their affiliates:

  • Human Resources – MB2 Dental handles the human resources end of the practice from benefits to write-ups, they have the offices covered with their expert staff.
  • Accounting and Finance – The accounting is handled by a team of specialists at MB2 allowing the owners of the practices to make sound financial decisions from the recommendations and reporting they receive.
  • Credentialing Services – Yet another important factor in working with insurance companies handled by MB2.
  • Billing and Collections – Relieving the office staff from the burden of managing the collections and billing, thus enabling the focus of the staff to be on the patients.
  • Maintaining the electronics IT System – Keeping everything up and running smoothly with the most efficient technology available.
  • Manage the marketing for each affiliate – Maintaining the proper flow of patients for the services provided.
  • Recruiting – MB2’s recruiting team ensures every employee is qualified for their role and has the experience and credentials required to perform to expectation.
  • Procurement – All supplies are purchased and shipped directly to each facility.
  • Business Development – A team of experts who are available to work with potential business owners looking to open their first practice. The team will work with you to develop the practice you dreamed of owning and move you to a successful conclusion.

Affiliates are presently located in Alaska, Texas, New Mexico Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Tenessee. The main office of MB2 is located in Carrollton, Texas. You may contact them at 972-869-3789, or visit their website at

Daniel Mark Harrison, a Famous Business Guru

Daniel Mark Harrison was born in London England and later moved to Asia following his education. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co., a family office founded in 2015 that deals with developing residential properties. The business has extensions in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. He is also a managing director at Monkey Capital which is a famous decentralized hedge fund. He was named one of the leading innovators and the brightest in the world of startups.

Along with his business skills, Daniel Mark Harrison is also a renowned writer. His exceptional writing skills saw him doing columns for Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and among others. He has been a writer for CoinSpeaker a field of Bitcoins and Altcoins and has had a lot of success accredited to him as a result. He is the founder of Marx Rand, a daily interest, and current affairs publication where he acts as both an editor and publisher.

His first book as an author was Butterflies: the Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World, a combination of both fiction and journalism received excellent reviews from other renowned authors and fetched a top position on the Amazon’s bestseller list with a 5-star review from fans. Other books he has written after that, like The Millennial Reincarnations, have been received warmly by his loyal audience and other authors.

Daniel Mark Harrison keeps himself up to date with new and key technologies, is keen to observe the different aspects of industries, technology, and finance across the globe and make informed decisions concerning investments. As a result, within short periods of time, he accumulates great amounts of wealth. His focus is on making investments that can improve the lives of people worldwide, that’s why he invests in companies that address world’s most pressing challenges like pollution, cyber security, and exploitation. This master of all trades is without a doubt in it for a good cause.

As an award-winning journalist and an inspirational entrepreneur has proved that being observant and considering everything before you set out to create anything will bring forth good results especially in writing and when making business ventures and investments.

How Louis Chênevert has been a Leader in the Aviation Industry

For several years, Canadian born Louis R. Chênevert was both the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He is a graduate of HEC Montréal and holds a bachelor’s degree in production management. Later in his career, in 2011, he was given an honorary doctorate by this educational institution in recognition of the accomplishments he had made so far during his professional career.

Before his arrival at UTC, Louis Chênevert was the President of Pratt & Whitney, another company in the aviation industry. He worked at this company from 1999 until March of 2006 which is when he was named the top executive at United Technologies Corporation. He guided the company for several years, until December of 2014, when he resigned the position in order to pursue other interests.
It was under Louis Chênevert’s leadership that UTC weathered the storm of the subprime recession which started to take place in 2007. He carefully balanced the needs of the shareholders and customers of the company as well as other stakeholders such as the company’s employees. The company emerged from the recession in very good shape and has gone on to maintain its position as one of the leaders in North America’s aviation industry.
One of the challenges of the manufacturing industry, which UTC is a part of, is that large portions of it are in decline in North America. Much of the work has moved to other places such as Mexico and Asia in particular. Some manufacturers, though, have continued to do well. UTC is one of these company’s due to the effort of Louis Chênevert. During his time at the company, it maintained its leadership position and continued to thrive. Louis Chênevert didn’t do this on the backs of the workers as he continued to make sure employees of the company were paid a fair wage. He also made it a priority to follow all environmental compliance issues.
Due to his successes, Louis Chênevert was honored by Aviation Week & Space Technology as their Person of the Year in 2011. He was also given the role of Vice Chairman for the Business Council in that same year.

Lacey and Larkin Took it to The Man

Do you want to know how stop evil? It is not that hard really. We make it out to be this impossible task that nobody can achieve. But if you want to stop evil, you only need to do one thing. You need to speak out against it. When evil reigns, you cannot afford to be silent.

There are two people who refuse to be silent when they saw evil in this world. Their names are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. I want to tell you their story.

Both of these two men are Arizona natives. Being Arizona natives, they see a lot of immigrants coming into the country. Over the years, they have grown to have compassion for these people, believing them to be equal to us, not because they’re from our country, but because they also human beings and all human beings have the right to a wonderful life.

However, there was another man who did not see it the same way. His name is Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He did whatever it took to destroy the dreams of these immigrants. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin noticed that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was doing some illegal things. Besides misappropriating the money that the county had given him, he was awesome guilty of specifically targeting Latinos and rewarding his cops if they brought Latinos in.

While the whites and the blacks were able to go to decent jail cells, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has specific cells for Latinos that normally would have failed Health inspections, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio had paid off his buddies. These cells were so bad, that some Latinos even died in them. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had the speak out.

Taking to the media, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin spoke against Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He was none too pleased to say the least.

He would actually illegally break into the homes of these men and illegally arrest them and illegally detain them. He thought by doing this he would be able to silence them. It turned out that he was wrong.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin with sue the Maricopa County for 3.75 million dollars. With this money in hand they begin asking themselves have the further their cause.

So what they did was found the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund and gave all the money away to others who wanted to stand up for immigration rights.

Driving Innovation with Lori Senecal

It’s not a small feat to be listed as one of Most Creative People 2017, but Lori Senecal doesn’t really believe in not making big impressions. Noted for her work for emboldening clients, it’s been big bold moves and innovation that earned her spot on the list.

When the beloved basketball franchise NBA 2K released its most current version in fall of 2016, it had a new inventive feature that encouraged players to link their NBA 2K profile directly to their Fitbits. This allowed them to improve their in-game characters to improve its abilities based on how many real-life steps the players took. This was in part facilitated by Senecal and CP+B, the company she watches over as CEO.

Another win for Senecal and CP+B came from the now infamous removal of artificial ingredients from its Mac & Cheese by Kraft Foods, reports Ad Week. This healthy change would alter the coloring and possibly a minor taste difference, a change that might alienate parents of picky eaters. CP+B advised against promoting it initially, letting over 50 million boxes be sold first. After which an ad campaign was released that copped to the changes that went viral, generating over a billion free media impressions.

Lori Senecal recognized her drive for success early, taking lessons from her high school years as a student coach for her school’s gymnastics team. This provided her with valuable traits in communications and goal setting that would follow her through life, she revealed on Medium. It gave her the direction she needed to move into the business world as an adult, knowing her true strengths lied with leadership and guiding others to success through well-planned strategies. Over the years she used this passion to rise to the position of president of the New York office of McCann Erickson, where she developed successful campaigns for companies like Xbox and Coca-Cola.

Senecal was appointed as CEO of CP+B most recently, bringing her years of experience to the company. She credits her drive on planning to never stay in her comfort zone. This drives her to keep one step ahead of the normal, pushing innovation in her industry. View her full profile on

End Citizens United Fights Back

Back in 2008, a lawyer named James Bopp who was from Indiana appeared in front of a federal three-judge panel in Washington, DC, to argue for his client. The topic in question was whether a nonprofit organization called Citizens United should be allowed to show Hillary: The Movie on on-demand TV during the Democratic presidential primaries. The movie portrayed Mrs. Clinton in a negative light, and the FEC told Citizens United that the film wasn’t permitted to be shown or spoken of during primary season because it was basically to a 90-minute campaign ad that didn’t credit who funded it. Bopp argued in court that the movie was somewhat similar to 60 Minutes, and that its creators deserved First Amendment protections.

At hearing this, the US District Court Judge laughed and said that the film couldn’t be compared to 60 Minutes.

Two years later, the Supreme Court reversed the ruling and said that corporations already have First Amendment rights, like average voters, and to prevent them from spending money for their preferred candidate or against the other is unconstitutional.

Citizens United is the result of many years of Bopp’s work to slowly break down the nation’s campaign-finance regulations, and while his methods are unconventional they are also effective.

James Bopp works out of Terre Haute, Indiana, which he finds more practical as it not only gives opportunities for him to take on nonprofit clients, but keeps him close to his three daughters.

End Citizens United, which is a political action committee intent on sending big money out of politics, collected more than $4 million just in the first few months of this year. Estimation is that they will raise $35 million with plenty of time for the 2018 midterm elections for Congress. The first election cycle End Citizens United had, in 2016, they raised $25 million dollars.

In the first quarter of this year, around 100,000 contributed, and 40,000 of those were new. There are many influences behind the donations, but a couple have to do with the donors feeling like the system is set against them as well as the Democratic fury at Donald Trump being elected.

Since End Citizens United operates as a regular PAC, or political action committee, they aren’t able to accept donations higher than $5,000 from an individual donor, but even with limitations they’re still reaching record numbers in received donations.