Milan Kordestani Managing a Farm

Managing a farm is a proven concept for people who want to earn additional income. Many young people are leaving corporate jobs to work on a farm. Owning a farm is a lot of hard work, but it can be rewarding in multiple ways.

Milan Kordestani is the CEO of several companies. He owns Milan Farms, which is a farm that specializes in exotic pets. He started the farm many years ago, and he has had success building a brand in the industry. He recently gave a speech to local college students about starting and managing a farm. Anyone who is interested in starting a farm should listen to his advice.


One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining a farm is paying for the land. Few people have the cash needed to purchase several acres of land. In some rural areas, there are unique loans that people can use to buy farmland.

Milan recommends that people research multiple loan options before deciding on a specific financial strategy. Some farmers go deeply into debt and later regret their financial choices. A farm may take several years to become profitable, and new farmers need a large cash reserve to live on during this time.

Owning Animals

Raising and selling animals is an excellent way to earn income while owning a farm. Some people struggle to choose a specific animal to raise. Both chickens and pigs are relatively easy to grow and can be profitable.

Chickens require little interaction and can be raised for eggs or meat. A pig can reach maturity in just a few months after being born. New farmers should start off with only a few animals and expand from that point.

Other Advice

Milan Kordestani also encouraged young students to follow their dreams in life. He believes that too many people wait until later in life to pursue various goals.


Learn about the remarkable performance of Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik Sachedina has been able to achieve success in many fields because of the proper education he received from prestigious institutions. It is also through his hard work, brilliance, and dedication that he has led some of the most successful institutions of the world. Entrepreneurs and business people know it is not easy to run a company and manage other organizations at the same time. But with proper time management and the right skills, Dr. Shafik Sachedina has managed to lead different organizations offering the best services for such organizations. Where did Dr. Shafik Sachedina start? It all began with a quest for education. He came from a humble background having been born in Tanzania, but he was determined to achieve great things in life.

Being brilliant in class, he managed to secure a place in one of the prestigious institutions of the world. He attended the University of London in England to pursue dental surgery. He later moved to Guy’s Hospital to practice and gain experience. It was during his career as a dental surgeon that he developed interests in entrepreneurship. He had acquired the right skills, and he was convinced he would start a successful company. He cofounded Sussex healthcare and dedicated his time to make it great. He had served as a dental surgeon for many years and was experienced to offer best services to patients who needed him.

Sussex today is a large organization which is expanding to reach other parts because he wants many people to benefit from the institution. The best part about Dr. Shafik Sachedina can help others in their time of need. Being a dental surgeon; he has helped a lot of people throughout his career and even today. He runs Sussex to ensure it provides the best services to clients. Dr. Shafik Sachedina has been entrusted by several organizations like Jamati institution where he heads a department. It is based in France, and he helps it in facilitating activities of the Ismaili community. The Ismaili community has greatly benefitted from his contributions. He wants to educate the community across the globe and make sure they get the information they need.

Sigthsavers is Taking Part in the Global Disability Summit

Sightsavers is one of the hosts for a consultation in Pakistan regarding disability inclusion for 2018. The Sightsavers county office in Pakistan has partnered with the Special Talent Exchange Programme Pakistani organization and the DFID or United Kingdom’s Department for International Development to co-host a workshop to make certain all development plans include people with disabilities. This is the first Global Disability Summit in history. The summit has been scheduled to take place in July in London. Numerous countries including Pakistan have received encouragement to make a commitment to help improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.


Sightsavers is involved with the discussions at this event. Islamabad has placed their focus on four areas. These areas are tackling discrimination and stigma, economic empowerment, inclusion in education and harnessing both innovation and technology. A charter of demands reflected these issues and were agreed upon at the conclusion of the two day workshop. The workshop was attended by government officials, donors, international NGO’s and representatives from civil society.

All the members of the United Nations registered for the SDG’s or the Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. They made a commitment to building a healthier and more prosperous world for everyone wile taking the necessary steps to protect the environment. The goals of the SDG’s is to make certain nobody is left behind. This includes the rough estimate of one billion individuals with a disability. Munazza Gillani is the Pakistan Country Director for Sightsavers. While addressing the event, the director stated the goals of the sustainable development can only be achieved for all individuals when they are implemented using the UN Convention framework for the rights of people with disabilities. In July of 2011, this framework was ratified by Pakistan.


Kemi Williams is the Pakistani Deputy Head of the DFID and made a statement to the workshop. The head spoke of the important role disabled individuals have in the development of their countries. The pleasure felt by the government of the United Kingdom in working with the Pakistani people to make certain they received recognition for the role they play in promoting people with disabilities with the right opportunities was discussed. The people were assured their voices would be heard. The Global Disability Summit in London will be hosted by the International Disability Alliance and the government of Kenya. The goal is to convince the governments to make a commitment to including individuals with disabilities in development plans all over the world.

Properties you Never Knew Belonged to Hussain Sajwani

The DAMAC Premises is known internationally for its provision of commercial properties and private properties. It also has an excellent reputation for how they conduct their business. The DAMAC Premises was founded by the famous Hussain Sajwani. He is among the top 100 most influential Arabs men in the world. Sajwani is the Chairman of the DAMAC Group and still owns the majority shares of the company.

The DAMAC Premises has attracted many investors due to their affluent business culture. They work towards ensuring that all the investors and shareholders know everything that the firm is planning. They are very transparent on the financial matters as well as the progress of the firm.

The DAMAC Owner has a lot of investments and properties that people do not know about; their portfolio includes; hotels, catering activities, and construction materials. For example, Sajwani is the owner of Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co. It was established in 1998. It is the leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles. The DAMAC Owner is also the majority shareholder of Al Amana Building Material. The company is recognized for its ability to bring the world’s best building material under one roof. Here, you get the best the world has to offer. In terms of investment, Hussain Sajwani has DICO Investments. It was established with AED 3 billion in 1992.

In the real estate development, there is the Nine Elms Property Limited. The firm is a joint subsidiary between Husain Sajwani through his company; DAMAC International Company, and the DAMAC Properties in Dubai. The latter owns 20% shares, while the other 80% belongs to the DAMAC International Company. Nine Elms Property Limited is the developer of AYKON London; which is set to become the tallest and best residential addresses in the state. Hussain Sajwani is also a major shareholder of Mina Al Sultan Qaboos, through DAMAC International Company. Omran owns the other part of the group. The Mina Al Sultan Qaboos is being redesigned with USD 1 billion to a tourism port, and lifestyle destination with residences, hotels, and other exciting features. There is also the AYKON Maldives Resort, which is owned fully by Hussain Sajwani (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) through the DAMAC International Company. Learn more about Sajwani’s work history here.

Hussain Sajwani Builds A Better Middle East

Hussain Sajwani has been one of the best developers in the Middle East, and he believes that he may help every large city in the region improve. These countries are hoping to modernize because they have oil investments that draw business, and this article explains how Hussain has done his work in the area. There are quite a few people who will benefit from the work he does, and they will find that they have better options for their own living or work as a result.

#1: The Skyscrapers

The Hussain Sajwani family has built many skyscrapers in the area, and the DAMAC owner has done quite a lot of work partnering with each city. He hopes to work with cities in his homeland that will grow, and he is creating jobs as much as possible. He knows that each new building will grow jobs, and he knows that these buildings will give people the modern experience they are hoping for.

#2: Giving Back

According to, Hussain gives back across the Middle East quite a lot, and he is helping many large charities serve people who need it most. He knows that each city will grow and improve when it has been designed with modernity in mind, and his family has built many buildings that will fit in a modern city. They want people to have better places to live, and they know that someone who is hoping to live better will find his buildings useful.

#3: Greater Beauty

The large cities of the Middle East are quite beautiful, and they are strong enough to support even more beautiful buildings. They have been built in places where someone may have the highest potential to increase their wealth, and people who start buildings in these places will feel much better about their experience in these buildings. Someone who has moved into his buildings recently will have every option to start a company or a life that is supported by modern amenities and construction.

Hussain (@HussainSajwaniOfficial) has many fine business partners around the world including the President of the United State, and he is someone who is using his partnerships to make better business decisions. He wants to see the Middle East grow to the point that it will serve everyone in the area, and he knows that someone who is in need of a better place to live or work has a home in one of his DAMAC properties. Learn more about Sajwani’s work history here.

Sajwani talks about the opportunity he saw when he established DAMAC:

Herbalife Sports Sponsorship and Jonathan Dos Santos on Sports Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition has turned up their marketing volume by signing a new superstar athlete. Jonathan dos Santos will be the newest member of the Herbalife Nutrition team. He will be joining a company that conducts business on an international basis. Dos Santos is a member of the Mexican national soccer team. He is scheduled to be in business with the nutrition company through 2021.

Image result for herbalife

Jonathan dos Santos is a dedicated athlete who keeps his focus on his fitness goals. Nutrition is very important to Dos Santos and he illustrates the lifestyle that an athlete of his caliber is supposed to. It allows him to perform at the highest level of his sport. Herbalife Nutrition is counting on Jonathan dos Santos to represent their brand and help push their mission of making the world healthier and happier.

The entire Herbalife product line will be available to Dos Santos. He will be working with sports products that are certified to help him train at the highest level. This will ensure that his performance does not fall off throughout the season.

Jonathan dos Santos is an athlete who remains committed to his fitness and nutrition lifestyle. He and Herbalife Nutrition plan to build a personalized format that will keep Dos Santos in an elite status. Jonathan is familiar with the Herbalife brand. He first started sampling the products in the LA Galaxy player Lounge. He used many of the items to start his day and replenish himself after practice. Jonathan is now working on a promotional plan to push his favorite recipe in the line known as the Banana Sunrise Shake. Jonathan dos Santos will participate in community initiatives and develop ideas with the company’s marketing team.

Jonathan dos Santos is a native of Mexico City. Soccer was a natural part of his childhood. He and his brother began their careers at FC Barcelona and moved up to the Barcelona first team. They then went on to Villarreal CF where Dos Santos became a standout player. He later became a member of the LA Galaxy in 2017.

The Herbalife Nutrition mission statement is to make the world healthier and happier. The company began in 1980 and is dedicated to using nutrition to make a positive impact on people’s lives. It gets involved with those who suffer from obesity and are uneducated about nutrition. The idea is to find solutions to help people who are not knowledgeable gain access to the information that they need to live a quality life. Herbalife Nutrition looks to inspire everyone to make healthier choices and embrace a more active lifestyle. The company’s philanthropic arm is the Herbalife Family Foundation, which works with Casa Herbalife programs to bring nutritional food to children in need.

PSI PAY to Overtake Credit Cards as New Cashless Payment Method

In today’s world, nearly every state has endorsed the cashless payment methods. Unlike earlier, using credit cards for payment has become popular in almost every transaction that is done today. Britain is one of the states that have endorsed this payment method over the years. In recent reports, a new form of payment has been announced to take over in the country. Set to outdo the common credit card, PSI-Pay comes in with a totally different way of doing transactions.

The idea was brought about by two companies, the Kerv Wearables and the PSI-Payment. Though it is also a cashless payment method, PSI-Pay is quite unique. First, it is not dependent on a pin number as the common credit card. In addition, it is contactless, which means that it is more of a RFID based technology. Countries that have implemented this payment method have confirmed security and convenience in payments.

States such as the United Kingdom have not been left behind by the trend. For ten years now, they have been using the cashless system. Known as the contactless payment ring, it has immensely overtaken the traditional methods of payment in the continent. According to the founders, they are primarily focused on outdoing the cash payment method completely. PSI-Payment is easier and convenient. Thus, it is seen as the best payment method for the next generation.

Contactless Payment

The PSI-Pay, alias, contactless payment, is a smart way of doing a transaction. Termed as new and modern, it is reliant on debit cards. Through PSI-Payment, one is able to make all payments anywhere and at any time. This is, however, only if the region supports the trend. Ever heard of something like proprietary ring before? I don’t think so. Well, if you must know, this is what makes this payment method unique from other traditional ones.


The PSI-Pay depends on Proprietary ring to carry out payments. This works when a client taps the card or the ring on a point of sale terminal. In this case, it is secure and reliable as no pin is required for access. Rather, it uses the NFC– near-field communication for customer identity and access. Just as the name suggests, cashless payment requires no cash rather, the transaction is done directly from bank to bank.

Mystery of Saad Saad’s Career

You probably know him from his significant contribution to the field of medicine, particularly in the pediatric department. But did you now that behind Dr. Saad Saad success is a tear dropping story? Well, to find out more keep reading through the article. Dr. Saad was born around the late 1940’s in Palestine. Historically this was a period characterized by dramatic and rapid religious change hence most of the Palestines were forced to relocate from Israel to nations that favored their religion. Not being an exception, Saad’s family was affected therefore left to an unknown land. Ten years later, his dad’s petroleum mechanic skills were highly needed in the Middle East hence they again had to relocate to Kuwait.




It is here that Dr. Saad’s dream begun. At around 1960’s Saad and his brother left for a construction site in Kuwait. Apparently, the sun was brutally hot, and Saad Saad could not handle the heat. As a result, he began feeling sickly and passed out, but after regaining consciousness, he recalled that he had a congenital disease that could not allow him to stand for long in the scorching. In an attempt of finding out how he could overcome his problem and help other people with a similar condition, he ended up becoming a pediatric surgeon.




Saad, however, worked for this profession as it did not come easy. His primary drive was his father advice that in order for a nobody to become somebody in this world, they must devote much attention to their studies. Saad Saad holding this advised dearly did well in school and qualified to join the Cairo University. Here, he was again victorious as he did not only manage to earn a medical degree with first class honors but was also fortunate to emerge as the second best student in his class.




  1. Saad Saad then left for England to do his internship, and after some years he left for the United States for career purposes. After various specialized training, excellent performance in challenging exams and progressive surgical practices, the medical board in the United States eventually certified him as a pediatric surgeon. Since then Saad has been working in various hospitals and making the lives of the young kids count. Although retired his legacy in medicine more so in the pediatric department remains remarkable because he has not only helped people professionally but touched the lives of the disadvantaged people in the community. Learn more:




Transunion Makes Heather Russell New Leader

Transunion recently made news when they hired Heather Russell to be the company’s new leader. Her official position will be Executive Vice President. She will also spend time working as the Chief Legal Officer. The change becomes effective on June 4th of this year. Russell has more than two decades of experience in the financial world. She has valuable skills in several areas including relationships with the government, issues with privacy and compliance issues also.

When speaking of the new hire, CEO Jim Peck had very high praise for Russell. He stated that Russell has an array of skills. She is considered to be the best in her field and her skill will be very valuable for TransUnion. Transunion is determined to have continued growth why being innovative. They are convinced Heather Russell will be able to help them do that. Their mission is to provide innovative solutions to benefit consumers across the globe.

Heather Russell (@heatherarussell) spent many years working for Buckley Sandler, LLP. It was during this time that she was an effective leader observing and supervising their practices. Russell’s resume includes a number of impressive positions which include the following: CLO and Corporate Secretary, a counselor at Bank of America and Managing Director and the leader of the Public Policy at Bank of New York Mellon. Russell is a graduate of the College of William & Mary and also holds as another degree from American University’s Washington College of Law. Her new company Transunion has a global presence. They conduct business in more than 30 countries including North America, Africa, Latin America and Asia. Russell has a track record that appears to make her destined for continued success.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi; Preparing Employees for the Impending Organizational Changes

     It is factual that organizational change can occur for plenty of reasons including a merger, acquisition, accommodating growth, the resignation of a leader or shift in the business model. Whatever the reason, organizational change is always difficult for employees. Moreover, it can either weaken or push you to your bottom line. Therefore, before announcing the impending change to your workers, you need to try and fit in their shoes to understand their reaction to your proposed plan. As with Banco Bradesco, organizational change caught the employees unawares when Brandao de Mello decided that it was time to introduce a new leader to the firm. A scion of success, a dedicated leader and a role model to the employees, Brandao had been part of Banco Bradesco for about three to four decades. In his reign, he nurtured young leaders into revolutionary team leaders who can now walk in his shoes by making some of the most critical decisions that would control the operations of the bank.

Background Information

As he resigned, one aspect was clear; he aspired for the next president to be elected from the existing pool of employees. According to him, that would help the bank to focus on accomplishing its goals just like in the past. Furthermore, it was important to create more leadership roles for the already chosen leaders within the institution. By insisting that the management elevates one of the employees, Brandao de Mello was challenging the bank to embrace its own by motivating its employees. Well, to cement his authority and the culture he fostered for some time, Brandao de Mello selected a successor from within the bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi it was.

The Incumbent President

The election of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi did not come in a surprise. Having joined the organization in his youthful years, it was time to prove that he could live up to the simple task of becoming a president for a short while. Besides, he was already serving as the CEO. Therefore, the election to serve as president for about four months was just an additional task to his chore responsibilities.

The New President

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took over, one thing was clear. He was to oversee Brandao de Mello’s responsibilities before a president was elected. Therefore, after serving for some time, he contributed to the election of Octavio de Lazari, the vice president of the bank. Apparently, Octavio Junior had also been part of the bank for many years. With that said, his election was based on his past experiences as a junior associate and his multiple promotions that saw him rising the ranks of leadership into becoming the president.

The Overview

The succession of leadership transitions at Banco Bradesco has contributed to its growth in one way or the other. With that said, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been pretty instrumental in helping the employees to accept these changes. Not only did he accept to step in and serve as president when Brandao de Mello left. But he also promised to see to it that Octavio de Lazari settles in as the president.

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