The Growth of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food solutions was founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant. After staying for about two years in the United States, he opened a butchery in his local town, which he later moved to Maywood, near Chicago. The business grew and was named Otto & Sons in 1928. The company was selected by Ray Kroc of McDonald’s to supply meat in the 1950s. Otto & Sons adapted the liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing, which came in handy during food production, transportation and storage of the food.

In 1973, Otto & Sons opened a meat processing plant that processed a high volume of products. By 1975, it acquired the name OSI Industries. OSI Food Solutions partnered with General Million Corporation and Alaska Milk Corporation in 1990 to come up with GenOSI, which processed and distributed food within the Philippines. OSI grew to establish facilities in different parts of the world. For instance, the company established Vista Processed Food in 1995, OSI China was opened in Beijing in 2002, and the Culinary Innovation Center in Aurora, Illinois was opened in 2011. OSI Food Solutions has more than 20,000 employees in over 65 facilities, which they have established in 17 countries.

In June 2016, the company bought former Tyson Food Plants in Chicago for $7.4 million. The additional infrastructure was necessary for its gradual growth. Tyson Food Plants indicated it had limited ability to meet the changing food demands. In April 2019, the corporation also acquired Rose Packing Corporation, which was established in 1924. Rose Packing operates a production facility in Chicago, which produces pork products for retail industries. It has over 700 employees who are now working under the leadership of OSI Food Solutions.

Currently, the company produces various products including frozen entrees, meat patties, fish products, hot dogs, sausages, chicken items and vegetable dishes such as fresh salsa and prepared beans. The company processes products according to customer specifications. It is this approach that has given OSI Food Solutions a global positioning that cannot be matched by other companies.

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Jeremy Goldstein’s Passion For Helping Others Shines Through In His Career

Corporation lawyer Jeremy Goldstein is making a difference in the law industry. He has a culmination of decades of experience in the field, helping everyone from individuals to big corporations. His story is filled with professional accomplishments, philanthropy, and art history.


Before becoming a lawyer in New York City, Jeremy studied art in college. He earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degree in art history. To achieve this goal, Mr. Goldstein attended Cornell University and the University of Chicago. His love of art would continue with him, but not in his career. From there, the successful attorney attended New York University School of Law where he earned his Juris Doctor degree in law. Since earning three degrees, the rest is history. Jeremy has worked for many different law firms, but has worked at one the longest. He worked at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz as a partner for 14 years since July 2000.


In 2014, he founded his own private law firm specializing in corporate matter including mergers and acquisitions. Some of his clients include J.P Morgan Chase and Company, South African Breweries PLC, AT&T Corporation, and many more. In fact, there is a long list of well-known companies that Mr. Goldstein has worked with. Jeremy’s private law firm is called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The boutique law firm has experience a lot of success in the time it is been open.


Mr. Goldstein takes a unique approach to his clients, rather than take the standard route. He finds that if his personal life matches up with the characteristics in his professional life, then he is golden. Most lawyers take a very dry approach to their clients. They do their work and nothing else. Jeremy forms a relationship with them that transcends just their case. He sees them as more than just dollar signs. Creating this deep connection makes him a go to guy when they are in need. Jeremy Goldstein also makes it a point to keep in touch with them periodically even when he is not working on a case for them.


Mr. Goldstein’s first client came to him as a referral, and now business is booming. He now markets his business through positive public relations. When he does a good job for a client or is known in his community for his good deeds, Jeremy gets more work that comes his way. He has a stellar reputation that exceeds him. The successful attorney is also very passionate about giving back. There is one thing in particular he is more proud of. Mr. Goldstein is the director for Fountain House. He has been since 2008. This organization helps men and women in the recovery of mental illness to lives more productive and happier lives.


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Luke Lazarus Aids Bloom Business from Scratch to IPOs

It’s rare for most startup businesses to grow and boom to their peak before breaking down into fragments due to waves and storms in the marketplace. According to some sources, 90 percent of businesses fail and collapse within the initial five years of their launching.

Even though a good number of startup businesses collapse, there is still some entrepreneurs who have the potential and all they lay their hands on turns into gold.

They also can nature new startups and successfully turn them into big businesses that earn huge returns. Luke Lazarus is one of such business experts and is ever ready to share out his experience to help others succeed in their endeavors.

Some individuals think that such experts are just lucky to grow and flourish their businesses. However, this is not the case as their knowledge and skill play a significant role. Using their knowledge and skills, they bloom their businesses to the climax. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

Such entrepreneurs often get tired of investing their wealth and devote themselves to helping other business enthusiasts without such benefits in their businesses. They help them make upright decisions and rise the ranks reducing the probability of their businesses to collapse.

An excellent example of such individuals is Luke Lazarus. He is a super entrepreneur who implements his viable and winning strategies to aid and support people to start new businesses. Luke was born and raised in Perth, Victoria but later moved to Melbourne, Australia.

Luke Lazarus started his first ever business when he was eight years old, which intensively grown to international standards. He is more intelligent than most of his peers. His high school performance is renowned and had talent in sports. Lazarus studied at Melbourne Business School and attained an MBA.

After his studies, Lazarus established four companies but later sold them for a huge sum of money. He felt unsatisfied with business, and hence, he decided to quit but instead use his knowledge and skills to help other entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts’ bloom their businesses for maximum potential. The role turned him into a business consultant and established significant startup consulting.

Since then, Luke Lazarus has been aiding other entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and goals. He has significantly supported most businesses to boom right from scratch to great businesses. Luke has earned respect and great recognition through honesty and forthrightness. He firmly believes that it’s mandatory to be realistic in business.

Among the significant roles of Luke Lazarus is helping startups businesses to frame their business plan in a way that resembles their investors and venture capitalists that they plan to attract.

Lazarus uses his vast experience to aid the configuration of the businesses of his client in a way that appeals to investors and venture capitalists.

Luke Lazarus firmly believes in ensuring that his clients’ companies attract and appeal investors and increase the success rate of these companies even if they don’t secure the invested capital.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

Isabel dos Santos a voice for African female entrepeneurs

Isabel dos Santos, Africa’s richest businesswoman, has garnered international attention recently for her philanthropic work that is seeking to challenge the establishment model of an African entrepreneur. As countries within the continent are building the necessary infrastructure to spur economic growth, she believes that a traditional norm will stagnate Africa’s economic viability unless it is emphatically addressed; that problem is gender disparity.

Addressing a cultural problem

Since stepping down as CEO of Sonongol, Isabel dos Santos has shared her experiences of the struggle of being a woman in a male-dominated business space. In a recent interview with she stated:

“Women employed at any level of the African business world are well aware that discrimination and sexism are very real concerns. Even at the height of my career, people doubt my opinions, as if they were unable to negotiate agreements on their own just because they were women. As a result, all the decisions I make and all the ideas I present are immediately questioned, which has forced me to be more creative and effective in the way I stand for my value, my experience and my abilities.”

While her experience as top executive is not indicative of every African country’s diversification efforts, it does convey a shared problem that was until recently internationally implemented. Isabel dos Santos believes that economic success cannot be one-sided and alienating or suppressing half of their entrepreneurial potential creates an unintentional vacuum to allow foreign competition to usurp national growth.

Building a new economic vision

Isabel dos Santos is aligning herself with entrepreneurial women to educate communities, assist in female start ups, and help the disadvantaged pursue their dreams of economic freedom. She wants to reach women through education and eliminate diversity barriers. She understands that even now, there is much resistance to gender equality as is a cultural issue. Men are open to change but are also hesitant due to peer pressure and fear of losing their position. She is hoping that with repeated efforts, the enhanced productivity will speak for itself on an international level.

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Bhanu Choudhrie and Learning With Discipline

Bhanu Choudhrie draws inspiration from a lot of people as he conducts his business pursuits. He knows that one must rage against the night, as such, he is bound to learn from other professionals within the business sector as well.

He also knows a couple of other things.

Here’s one of them.

 Bhanu Choudhrie and Dreaming Big is Not the Problem, Being Consumed by Those Dreams Is

Remember, as Bhanu Choudhrie knows it is not bad to dream big. If it wasn’t for big dreams, then we won’t have seen most of the subversive ideas that have changed our world for the better.

Bhanu Choudhrie might say that the problem only arises when those dreams get the best of you.

Bhanu Choudhrie would see that if one wanted to maintain a balance between these crucial aspects, make sure that your business is headed by people who aren’t afraid to dream, but who also know when to wake up and smell the coffee.

One such individual is Emil Eifrem who also has been in the business sector and has been able to find great success.

Let’s learn a little bit about Emil.

How Emil Eifrem of Neo4j Achieved His Goals

Emil Eifrem’s name doesn’t need any introduction to anyone who works with data on a regular basis. As the co-founder and CEO of Neo4j, the world’s first and most popular graph database platform, Eifrem has carved a niche for himself in the database management segment.

Eifrem is credited as designing the property graph model when no one had even envisioned it back in 2000. With tenacity and dedication to bring his vision to life, Eifrem and his partners ensured that he brought forth the designed model to those who could benefit from it.

Today, Neo4j remains the most popular graph database program. The level of its popularity could be judged by the fact that it is being used by organizations such as NASA, IBM, and Microsoft.

But reaching this level of success hasn’t been easy for Eifrem or for Neo4j. It took a long journey for the expert to take his business where it is now synonymous with everything related to the graph database.

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Oren Frank and Progress in Mental Health

As a leader in the mental health space, Oren Frank is one individual that knows the importance of mental health. See, mental health is not something that is set apart from the individual, it is something deep inside the individual, it is something that makes a significant difference in the quality of health and life.

Oren Frank has been working on TalkSpace, an app that aids within the mental health world.

One thing to know about in regards to mental health is that of your thoughts.

Thoughts Could Affect Your Focus

The effect of being disturbed is not only limited to thoughts that leave you feeling dejected. Even when your wandering thoughts are not associated with sadness, they could still have a very large impact on the way that you are feeling.

For instance, you could be feeling completely motivated, focused, and willing to complete all the items on your to do list for the day to the best of your ability. Everything could be going exactly to your plan. Then, you just start thinking about how Game of Thrones should have ended. Check out Oren Frank interview on Youtube

And that’s your pitfall right there.

You could lose your motivation, your focus, and your drive to clear out all the daily tasks you have on hand. From one possible ending to another, you start thinking and speculating about how your beloved characters in the fantastical series deserved better.

Whether they did or not is a whole other discussion that you could ideally save for your night out with your friends. But what deserves better in the moment is your work.

Sadly, that realization doesn’t come to mind when it should due to the bothersome nature of these thoughts, which just cannot be helped until you have probably wasted your day away after them. And even then, they are ready to strike back with all their surreptitious nature when you least expect them to do so. Source:

Bhanu Choudhrie on Development

Bhanu Choudhrie is a man after investments that will push the world forward.

As such, Bhanu Choudhrie must make certain that he is in a position in life to develop businesses, people, and those that are seeking to better the world in some form or fashion.

As a scion in the private equity sector, Bhanu Choudhrie is apt to judge and look at investments in a rigorous manner.

Keep Track

Bhanu Choudhrie will keep track of his performance in day to day developments. Maintain a daily email chain to note down updates and disseminate it to internal stakeholders as required. This keeps everyone in the loop and makes sure that nothing is left out of the information cycle.

  • For meetings. Note down minutes of the meeting and make it a habit to send a copy to the other party. This ensures transparency and prevents any misunderstanding regarding what was discussed. It leads to better and clear communication.
  • For sales. This goes without saying that each record of your sales has to be documented. It is a non-negotiable, mandatory requirement since it doesn’t only keep you updated, but also comes in handy for tax purposes.

Keep Yourself Organized

In addition to starting to document everything that you go through, make sure that you are also able to find such records when you need them. This only comes by being organized, and knowing where everything is when you require it.

That’s for physical organization. But the term “organization” doesn’t end there. You could apply it in your day to day operations as well. The most effective way to do that is by using a to-do list.

Organized the right way, your to-do list would become the center of your operations through the day. It would tell you what do you have to achieve, what is more important to work on, and what tasks would complement the completion of other goals.

The key is to not only note down items that you have to do, but prioritize them in the order of urgency and requirement. This helps you know exactly what you have to do every day in order to stay on your defined path of success.

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Hyland’s Tablets Relieve Your Infant’s Teething Pain

Hyland’s has been providing the world with homeopathic products for over a century. Although most people mal-educated on what homeopathy is, there is nothing to be scared of. Homeopathy provides a remedy that helps the body cure itself. It focuses more on the holistic side of healing and health. Products like Hyland’s Teething Tablets, are homeopathic medicinal products that are designed to help the pain of a teething infant. Having recently changed the product to Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets, removing an ingredient called belladona, Hyland’s Teething Tablets have been a very safe remedy for relieving the infant’s teething pain for years and years.

The main difference between homeopathic remedies and traditional medicine is that homeopathic practice is not based on medical evidence, and are not FDA evaluated. Having said that, Hyland’s Teething Tablets are known to be a popular administered product for your infant that you can buy at any local drug store or pharmacy. Hyland’s offers homeopathic products like Hyland’s Teething Tablets for all ends of the spectrum, from athletes to senior citizens.

Hyland’s targets medicine for each age group because they believe that age is a factor in treating common cold and flu viruses, based on the way one’s body reacts to the virus, which is closely associated with their age. The products that are specifically made for children are carefully produced because Hyland’s has great care for the safety and health of the young people in the world. By providing effective cough and cough syrup formulas, cold and cough solutions for children, and products to help relieve sinus congestion, Hyland’s has consistently provided the remedies that people want for the illness that can plague the body. Hyland’s is highly recommended because the remedies provided are a more healthy alternative to some of the more potentially harmful traditional cold and flu relief drugs on the market today.

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HCR Wealth Advisors And Their Diverse Options For Investment

HCR Wealth Advisors has done a good job for retirees and people who have a lot of money to manage. Someone who is trying to invest their money needs to aware of how the central bank changes are causing the market to become more and more volatile. There are many people who would prefer to use HCR Wealth Advisors because they need to diversify their money, or they need to find a company to work with that will make their lives that much easier. You should consider following the steps below to help manage your investments.

  1. Regular Investments

The regular investments that people make will be much easier to manage when they allow HCR to help them. The HCR Wealth Advisors team will let you know what they can do to help you grow your investment portfolio. Also, they will let you know what your options are when you are trying to make wise choices for yourself. Most people who are trying to get the best results from their investments should consider seeking advice from an advisor at HCR there to help them.

  1. Diverse Investing

The investments that are made with this company can be diverse because they would prefer to give their clients as many options as they can. The company knows that they can give people options that will save them money and time. The investing that people do could even include their property. The retiree who is traveling can rent out their home, or these people could invest in property instead of the stock market.

  1. Using Other Forms Of Investment

You could turn to your advisor from HCR and they will tell you about strategies designed to help you grow your money. In addition to equities, mutual funds, and ETFs, you might invest in currency or invest in different commodities that might be interesting. Many who is saving money could be happier with the way that their money has been managed purely because they are using an advisor instead of guessing.

  1. Conclusion

You can save for the future using this program, and you will find that many people who use this program can find strategies designed to help them grow their wealth.


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Rick Cofer Law – Legally Protecting Juveniles

Many lawyers and legal professionals argue about the issue surrounding determinate sentences. And most people agree that the classic law needs to be overhauled for the well-being of the parties involved, be it the criminal or the victim. Experienced lawyers like Rick Cofer emphasize separating the juveniles from the adults and treating them humanely. They also teach the importance of looking beyond the rules set forth to see what is in the real interest of the affected parties.

The debate around determinate sentences have generated options in order to create a problem solving environment for young adults and help them progress in the future. If you are in the legal business, you may be stuck for the right ways to deal with such laws regarding determinate sentences. However, Rick Cofer wants to analyze the big picture before coming into conclusion about the type of sentence given to juvenile offenders. This is to say that offenses pertaining to minors and situations surrounding them need to be scrutinized carefully taking into considerations every possible constraints.

A minor is likely to commit offenses like child sex crimes when he or she is at the mercy of an unhealthy environment. These are the group of people who are at the stage of development both physically and mentally. The way they live, the choices they make have a huge impact on how they handle a life situation. What they do cannot be justified but they are in a vulnerable position to defend themselves as well. Additionally, trying them at court with the same intensity as it is done with adults create more losers than winners. Should they be let go? Definitely not. But any flawed judgment can prevent them from escaping the web of severe sentences, says Rick Cofer.

The article for Rick Cofer Law notes that determinate sentences are not the ideal way to move forward. This may not seem obvious. Punishment for a crime like child trafficking is never enough. No matter what the law says you can’t lessen the severity of the crime or change the outcome, the distress caused to the survivors or victims. However, it is more of a burden than winning situation for many. The determinate sentence punishes the offenders especially the minors for longer period of time without giving them a chance to prove their innocence or undergo rehabilitation for their mental state.

In other words, determinate sentence is definite and not reviewed by parole board unlike indeterminate sentence irrespective of the sentence period. For instance, a juvenile sentenced jail term according to determinate sentence law for three years will spend no more than three years unless there is a time off for good behavior but will not get an opportunity to be heard. That does not make sense under the law, because it would be difficult for the juvenile to appeal in case he or she is innocent of the crime. Additionally, incarcerated young adults are more prone to mental illness and rehabilitation at a later period may become inefficient.