California Gas Prices Are On The Move Again


Average Gas Prices In California Jumped 34 Cents A Gallon In Just A few Days

Californians are feeling the gas jitters again, and most of them are sick about it. The retail price of gas went up 34 cents in just a few days, and that increase means the price of unleaded gas in the state has gone up to 68 cents since the end of January.

The current price at the pumps is around #3.32 a gallon, and if you travel inland it’s around $3.39 a gallon. The big question is, why is California gas more expensive than the gas in other states? There’s a simple answer said Timber Creek Capital. California has environmental regulations that specify a particular blend of gasoline. That blend is only used in California. If the supply falls, the price goes up because other gas mixtures can’t be substituted.

The refineries currently have a winter blend and a summer blend, and they are preparing to switch to the summer blend, but there’s not enough winter blend in the reserves. If more gas is used than expected during a certain season, the price reflect the shortage. There’s not a lot of room for error when the refineries mix blends. The bottom line is, when refineries miss their projections, everyone in the state pays.

Asian Americans are Closing the Wealth Gap


The wealth gap between white families in the United States and other races has been reducing. This means that other minority families are becoming more wealthy when compared to white families in the United States, though the rate of catch up is not equal.

A recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis indicated that Asian American families are closing the gap at a faster rate than other minority families such as black and Hispanic ones said Zeca Oliveira.

In fact, in one rating, median household income, which measures the median household income for a family, Asian Americans had a higher figure that their white counterparts. Both black and Hispanic families were behind white families in this rating.

The rating system used by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis considered a variety of factors when they performed their assessments. Included in the items examined was the savings rate, the amount of debt, income levels and access to credit.

Minority families tend to be younger than white families and the ratings were skewered downwards as many families have more money as they get older. Further, whites tend to be better educated than other races and their rankings for wealth are somewhat higher than the others as a result.

The study also attempted to assess gender differences and education as it impacts families across different races. Still, for now Asian families are closing the wealth gap faster than others.

Target Says No To Employee Pay Increases


Lowest-Paid Hourly Workers Pay Checks Won’t Change For Now

Target knows it is in the fight of its life. Retailers that don’t go with the flow feel the wrath of consumers. Walmart recently announced a pay increase for their lowest-paid hourly employees and TJ Max and Marshalls are raising the hourly wage as well.

Costco already pays employees a fair wage, but Target CEO Brian Cornell had this to say about increasing the hourly wage. “Our goal is to make sure we have the very best team in retail, We’re going to continue to invest in their development and make sure we’re very competitive with the wages we provide.”

The lowest-paid target employees do make more than minimum wage stated Crunchbase. John Mulligan, Chief Financial Officer, of the retailer said, “We always assess the marketplace to determine competitive wages. We do make adjustments, and we feel very confident that we’ll be paying the teams appropriately,”

Those statements sound like two suits talking to hear themselves talk. The truth is the marketplace sets the wage, and the consumers support it. An increase in wages means higher retail prices. Inflation is rearing its ugly head, and that means whatever low-paid hourly worker make will not be enough to get them ahead of the debt collector

JMH Development Company and Jason Halpern, An Innovative Real Estate Developer

JMH Devolpement Company is a New York City based real estate development company that specializes in unique properties in major cites such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami Beach. Jason Halpern, as of 2000, is the founder and managing operator of JMH Developement. Their reuse of historical properties has garnered them the 2011 Building Brooklyn award for 184 Kent.

Jason Halpern is from a third generation real estate development family with a fifty year reputation of excellence. He grew up following his father around to various building sites, and in high school he got diverse summer jobs that ranged from a laborer to property manager. He believes in working with the community and supports charities such as Habitat for Humanity, and The Joel A Halpern Trauma Center in the Westchester Medical Center.

JMH Development recently announced it’s second and possible third project in South Florida. Three Hundred Collins is a five story, nineteen residence luxury condominium community that is said to start sales in March. It is planned to have a seventy five foot pool, rooftop deck with cabanas, and a fitness center. The luxury apartments are planned to have marble bathrooms, wide planked floors and soaring eighteen foot ceilings. The gourmet kitchens are designed by Juul-Hansen. JMH has also recently purchased 2901 Indian Creek Boulevard and plans a thirty thousand square foot residential developement. These plans go before the city of Miami Beach this April.


The Benefits Of Hiring A Search Firm

Keith Mann is the director of Dynamic Search Partners, which is a firm that sources talent for equity business. The firm has provided services to clients for over ten years. During this time, specialists have paired many clients with suitable talents.

Dynamic Search Partners achieved a high level of success because the company cares about building partnerships and relationships with candidates and clients. According to Keith Mann, solid relationships helped the firm build a strong network with other industry experts.

 Understanding The Approach

The experts at Dynamic Search Partners forged partnerships with specific companies strategically so that they could provide a robust service to clients. Because the firm has a unique strategy, the specialists can design and run searches that are customized for clients. The Dynamic Search Partners team is involved during each phase of the search process. The goal is to add value by offering guidance and market insight.

 Why Businesses Contact Dynamic Search Partners

A unique kind of search expert must be hired during the process of growing a business. An expert can provide assistance during the promotion, interview, and hiring process. Executive searches are been used by numerous businesses for many years. Today, more firms now understand that professional consultants offer benefits that greatly speed up the hiring process.

Understanding The Process

When the experts at Dynamic Search Partners work for a client, they find candidates in various locations. Typically, a variety of resources are used to locate the best candidates, such as internal research teams and candidate databases. During the screening phase, interviews will be conducted over the phone or at a physical location. After screening, the interview process begins; at this point, the client will receive a list of the top candidates. When the interviews are done, all strengths and weaknesses will be discussed thoroughly. This is an important step because it helps the client select the proper candidate.


Expansion and efficiency are the keys to the success of Christopher Cowdray

Christopher Cowdray was given a difficult task when he was appointed the Chief Executive Officer of the Dorchester Collection of hotels. The one time manager of the Dorchester made the step up from managing an individual hotel to overseeing the existing five hotels within the chain and looking to future expansion in a market that quickly crumbled under the weight of the 2008 economic downturn. Where many would have quit in the face of such huge economic problems facing the World, Cowdray instead led the Dorchester Collection on a period of unrivaled success that has seen the five hotels grow into a single recognizable brand and new hotels added to the existing chain.

Cowdray states the Dorchester Collection has returned to levels of clients similar to those the chain saw before the problems of 2008 and have identified specific areas of expansion where new hotels will soon be added. The Zimbabwe born CEO does not see the need to follow the lead of a number of other large hotel chains in creating new hotels anywhere they feel they can hoist their flag. Instead, the Dorchester Collection will remain an individual and luxury brand with only a small number of hotels found in key cities around the World. The company hope to bring their total number of hotels to a modest 15 to 20 sites by the middle of the next decade.

Efficiency and personal service are noted by Cowdray to be the keys to the current success the Dorchester Collection is enjoying. Personalized services are available with only the top brands and service providers employed in key areas of the hotel, restaurants in each Dorchester Collection hotel are designed to be used by members of the local community as well as guests staying within the hotel. Efficiency is another area where luxury does not mean the guest is forced to wait on their needs, each hotel now features spa services from globally recognized brands guests will be comfortable using. Overall, a slow and steady approach is being taken by Cowdray that allows each hotel to maintain its individuality as the guests trust and recognize the Dorchester Collection branding.

BRL Trust: A Smart, Savvy Investing Company

These days, individuals who want to get ahead financially will often find that their ability to do so increases exponentially when they attain professional assistance from a smart, savvy investing company. If you live in Brazil and are ready to attain high quality investing services, you should consider a company such as BRL Trust. To obtain a basic understanding of what the company is all about, read the following outline:

BRL Trust: The Basic Background

Back in 2005, BRL Trust was founded on the basic principle that the customer comes first. As a result of the company’s adherence to this simple principle, BRL Trust has undergone perpetual growth and expansion ever since its inception. During its first year, the company attained more than 100 loans. Since then, BRL Trust has branched out into a plethora of new fields. The company’s commitment to integrity and excellence has made it a premier investment organization.

BRL Trust: The Company’s Approach

BRL Trust’s approach to investing is client-oriented. Ever since it opened, the company has placed primacy on working directly with clients to help them experience the economic vitality that they want. The company also utilizes the worlds of research and analytics to determine which investment principles will be most appropriate to implement. Additionally, BRL Trust’s professionals believe in utilizing the most advanced and cutting edge information and technology to expedite and optimize the investment process. Finally, BRL Trust is proud to offer a wide range of investment services to ensure that the client has access to comprehensive options. The investment services BRL Trust offers include: asset underwriting, funds custody, resource management, funds management, and fiduciary services. All of that is listed on LinkedIn for people to look through.


Now as always, making prudent financial decisions is the key to personal happiness and professional development. If you live in Brazil and are ready to excel in both of these areas, you should consider the value of attaining professional assistance from an organization that possesses extensive education and experience in the investment sector. By carefully analyzing the data found about BRL Trust that is outlined above, you can make an informed decision regarding whether this company will offer you the detail-oriented, customer-centered investment services that you deserve.

Homeless Man Give Girl His Last 3 Euros, And Now She Raided 40,000 In Return

A young lady who was helped out by a homeless man a while ago is now raising money for a charity to help people get off the streets.

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, 22, was out one night on the town when she discovered that she lost her bank card.  Ricardo Tosto reported a homeless man, only known as Robbie, gave her his last 3 Euro to help the girl get home safely. Ever since then Dominique Harrison-Bentzen has been on a mission to raise money to give back to people like Robbie, who are on the streets with no where to go.

At first, Harrison-Bentzen aimed to collect 500 Euros but ended up making it a big fundraiser and managed to get over 40,000 Euros for a charity called Foxton Centre. According to an article found on reddit and written by, she had chosen this charity because she knew that they were credible and would help her dollar get homeless people a place to stay. The director of the program said that this is what the aim of his organization is, and it could even be a first week’s rent for somebody while they get on their feet.

Needless to say, hopefully Robbie will hear about this and what his actions have started by a kind gesture. We will definitely need more people like him in the world, especially these days when others seem so reluctant to help on another.

Vijay Eswaran: Entrepreneur

The international market offers opportunity for people who are willing to take risks and look for a means of helping others find products that may best suit their needs. A skilled and thoughtful businessman can take advantage of their knowledge of the worldwide markets in order to help tap into this field and connect consumers of products with those who can provide them. The right understanding of the market is crucial in order to enable people who want and need specific products with those who can offer them at the best price possible. As the world of international business has expanded, so has the ability of skilled workers to help assist people to get what need.One such businessman is Vijay Eswaran. Vijay Eswaran is Malaysian business with an extensive understanding of the field of international economics. Vijay Eswaran was born on October 7th, 1960 in the Malaysian city of Penang. This multicultural society proved a good training ground to allow him to gain a basic understanding of how to work with business people around the world and help them connect with consumers. In his youth, Vijay Eswaran was able to complete a basic level of training in this field. Vijay Eswaran later left the country in order to enter the famous London School of Economics. This school has helped provide hundreds of students like Eswaran learn about the principles of economics and how the modern business world functions.

Once Vijay Eswaran completed his basic training in London, he sought to expand his knowledge of trade and commerce n Europe. It was then that Esawaran decided that he need to know more about the field of economics. He left for the United States in order to gain more of a well rounded understanding of international economics. Eswaran completed a master’s degree in business administration at the prestigious Southern Illinois University. The American school allowed to him to find his true calling and further hone his skills in this area. It was then that he decided that he needed to open up his own company in order to take advantage of his knowledge of the field and help customers get the products that they need at a price they can afford. Eswaran established his Qi Group with help from interested investors who provided him with the capital to begin his company. Since then, the company has grown vastly and helped people connect with others.

John Textor: We All Have a Story to Tell

John Textor, Executive Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation and the creative mind behind the first believable digital human actor, makes the startling statement in his talk at a 2011 TEDx Pine School event: “Technology doesn’t matter in the long run.”  Coming from the head of a company that specializes in digital entertainment production, and the winner of numerous awards for creative achievement in the use of photo-realistic, digital humans (including a 2009 Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects), this comment is surprising, to say the least.

Before moving into the creative world, Textor worked in the finance industry: Shearson Lehman Hutton and Paine Webber are among his past employers. Textor’s list of accomplishments shows a keen instinct for executive leadership and financial management. Textor was Chairman and CEO of both Digital Domain Productions and its parent company, Digital Domain Media Group. Textor led its acquisition and restructuring from May 2006 to August 2012. Under Textor’s leadership, the company became a leader in visual effect production for the film industry. Movies released while Textor was head of the company include Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (which included the first believable digital human actor).

So why would Textor say “Technology doesn’t matter in the long run”? For Textor, technology is a tool, and humanity is what really matters. Technology changes with lightning speed, but the unchangeable element is the human desire to tell stories. Technology is a tool that lets human tells stories, create meaning, make a difference. in short, the binary code that is the basis of all technology lets us create the content that connects us, entertains us, and can change our world for the better. For Textor, all humans are storytellers, and technology is the tool through which we tell our stories to the world.