Skout: A Social App for the Adventurous Soul

What is Skout?

Skout is an app designed to expand your social circle and help connect people all over the country. When a user first installs Skout, they’re prompted with the general questions associated with a dating app (age, sex, location, etc.). Once you’ve filled out your personal info, you’re placed into a group of people your age where you can chat and engage in conversation.

The system uses a ‘feed’ feature much like that of Facebook. It shows a real-time flow of conversations and comments made by a group of your peers. Another feature that Skout offers their users is a notification system based on location. This notification will alert you when someone near your location joins Skout in order to connect with them and start conversing.

Skout is also one of the best choices for younger individuals on account of how well the community is managed. Shirtless pictures, provocative photos, and rated R material is against Skout rules and is dealt with immediately. “This cliche of shirtless people showing off their abs — we’re not having that,” says Jordan Barnes, the PR manager for Skout.


The travel feature was implemented by the engineers at Skout for their premium members to use while visiting and exploring new places. The feature aims to give users a more intimate and realistic view of the culture rather than hitting all of the tourist hot spots.

The feature was set up to be a modern version of the pen-pal system from older times. However, the feature quickly grew and expanded more than the staff at Skout had expected. “While Skout is not exclusively a travel app, our travel feature has proven to be enormously popular with young adults,” says CEO Christian Wiklund.


Skout is a well rounded app that has a multiple features that appeal to people all over the world. The features speak for themselves:

  • Location-based dating and flirting
  • Travel feature that allows you to connect with people as you explore
  • Classy and aims to eliminate vulgarity
  • Great for younger generations as well as older ones
  • GPS notification system to connect with people close to you
  • Send virtual gifts to people of your choosing
  • Shake chat feature that allows you to chat with other people shaking their phone

Investment Advisors Engage In a War of Words

It’s true that the world of investment advisers are generally a quiet and professional world. However that is changing. At stake is a share of the multitrillion dollar industry. Young start up groups are demanding their share and they’re not doing it quietly.

Recently Charles Schab, one of the biggest and best known groups in the field, released their long awaited Intelligent Portfolio. The new start ups aren’t taking it quietly. Adam Nash a former LinkdIn executive and now CEO of an online advisory start up, Wealthfront, blasted the giant recently.

Nash has accused Schwab of being greedy and making a profit while not doing the best thing for their clients. The article was posted on Medium. He then stated that Schwab has allowed “Wall Street to seep into every fiber of the company.” In the advisory community that is perhaps one of the worst accusations that can be made.Click here for full article.

Schwab has blasted Nash right back. They’ve stated that he has misrepresented the company and it’s work. They claim that Schab has been at the forefront of driving costs out of their industry. John Stein the founder and CEO of a new online investment group called Betterment has also come out swinging on the side of Nash. He has accused Schwab of managing client money in such a way that they gain more than does the consumer. No one at Imaging Advantage ( expects the feud to end soon or quietly.

Oklahoma Considers Nitrogen Gas for Executions

The problems associated with lethal injections have sent state representatives seeking alternatives. Now Utah’s back up execution plan is to use a firing squad and Oklahoma can now use nitrogen.

Oklahoma is considering the use of nitrogen gas for execution of death row inmates as an alternative to the now highly questioned lethal injections. Lawyers suggest that difficulties in obtaining substances used in these injections is making several of the 34 US states in which the death penalty applies, seek another method.

Since the death penalty in the United States was reinstated in 1976, lethal injection has been the method most commonly used in executions in states with capital punishment.

The problems in supplying the ingredients for lethal injections has been spotlighted, due to international pressure on the pharmaceutical industry, which has created a problem in many prisons.

Experimentation with new formulas has caused new headaches with inmates apparently suffering during executions in at several cases. In one Arizona case, the inmate took almost two hours to die.

While the Supreme Court considers whether one of the substances used violates the legal definition of “cruel,” each state seeks alternatives.

States like Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia and Ohio have enacted a moratorium on executions until the Supreme Court rules.

Hospitals Making More Money

When you go to a hospital, you probably have to either make a payment before being seen or request that a bill bee sent to your home. Depending on the services that you have done at the hospital, your bill might be very high. Some hospitals in the country look to be greedy, wanting to get as much money as possible from the patients who they are supposed to care for instead of taking money from. When a hospital cares more about making money than taking are of the people who need help, then there is something wrong. Zeca Oliveira has become aware that there are insurance companies increasing premiums because of the higher prices hospitals are charging for services. Some of the politicians know of the higher charges, and they aren’t doing a thing to try to stop hospitals from getting as much money as they can. Instead, they want to play it off as rising costs for materials and employees. This is why there are people who don’t want to get the necessary care they need so that they don’t get sick.

Four-Year-Old Who Lost His Father Gains Friends All Over the World

Last January Wyatt Revels, 4-years-old, lost his father unexpectedly. His father, David, collapsed and died, the cause of his death is still unknown. According to Wyatt’s mother, Alysha Starling, the little boy is having a hard time accepting his father’s death. She said that he often wakes up crying and doesn’t want her to leave his side.

People in their community reached out to them once they heard of Wyatt’s troubles. Their local Gymboree group made Wyatt t-shirts that say “My Dad is the Coolest”. A local news station put Wyatt’s story out there as well, asking for people to send him letters to help get his mind off of his father’s death. A 13-year-old girl from Arkansas, Savanna Gulledge, decided to start a Facebook page called Letters for Wyatt, asking people in her community to reach out to the young boy. Over night, Savanna’s Facebook page reached 1,000 likes.

Brian Torchin says that Alysha has said that Wyatt has been receiving care packages from all over the world. They keep a map up and put pins in it every time a package from somewhere new arrives. Wyatt’s packages have reached so many that the local post office now has a special place where they keep his packages.

If you are interested in sending anything to Aiden, check out the story on The PO Box address is in the article.

Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinic: Meditation Is The Key To Success

Lewis Howes, handball player and former professional football player, recently interviewed psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinic, who is a post-concussion consultant for the National Football League. Dr. Amen spoke about how to change your life by changing your brain, and thus conquering anger, anxiety, depression, and impulsiveness.

“Your brain is literally involved in everything you do,” Dr. Amen said. “Everything you do. How you think, how you feel, how you act, how you get along with other people. When it works right, you work right. When it’s troubled, for whatever reason, toxic exposure, head trauma, drug abuse, a lack of oxygen, people are sadder, sicker, or less successful.” He emphasized that brain injuries could be rehabilitated. He spoke of the importance of diet, and how eating unhealthy foods could shrink the brain.

Meditation, in Dr. Amen’s opinion, optimizes brain function and increases focus. Because the brain depends on oxygen, changing your breathing patterns can affect your brain health. Proper breathing techniques can reduce nervousness, anxiety, and tension. The 5x2x10 technique is used to relieve stress-inducing emotions. Inhale slowly for five seconds. Hold your breath for two seconds. Then slowly exhale. Repeat this cycle ten times. Dr. Amen wants to create “brain warriors,” people who care as much about the health of their brains as they do the health of their bodies.

This information was originally broadcast on the podcast “The School of Greatness,” episode 104, ‘Protect Your Brain, Reverse Injury, and Overcome Disorders with Dr. Daniel Amen’ and posted on-line at Yahoo.

Credit Bureaus to Revamp Procedures for Consumers


The Credit bureau is making it a little easier for consumers to get their credit reports straight.

The credit bureaus will now wait six months before including medical debt on credit reports.

In addition, they will be more proactive in correcting errors due to misinformation or fraud in these reports. Currently the system is heavily automated and leads to overwhelming consumer frustration.

Equifax, Experian and TransUnion told New York  Attorney General Eric Schneidermansay they are committed to this agreement that benefits 200 million people stated Bruce Karatz

The data collected and processed by these agencies are critical in determining the FICO rating of each person which influences the interest rate when making large purchases.

Under the agreement, medical debts not processed in 180 days will not post on credit reports, giving consumers time to resolve problems and billing disputes with insurers or health care providers.

These debts are generally kept for years in credit reports even when have already been paid.

Equifax, Experian and TransUnion will begin to train staff to troubleshoot errors and disputes. The three agencies will begin to implement changes in the coming months.

There is also talk of the possibility of providing a second free credit report to consumers. Until now, consumers have only been allowed access to one free credit report a year.

For citizens of New York, where they have banned abusive high interest loans,also known as “payday loans,” Attorney General Schneiderman has banned the credit agencies from considering debt from these predatory lenders.

Dyson Invests In Longer Solid State Battery Idea

Names that normally circle the technology industry as innovators and groundbreakers include Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other corporate giants. However when a company not normally associated with cutting edge consumer technology gets involved with a project, industry watchers and buyers perk up and take notice. It is not very long before everyone starts to wonder if one of the big powerhouse companies missed something somewhere along the way.

According to The Guardian, Dyson has invested $15 million to assist in the development of a new solid state battery. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG knows that a new battery might seem a bit boring in the world of bright screens and fast connections, but a better battery means longer life for phones, tablets, and even electric cars. Longer use periods means fewer charging periods, which equates to a better greener experience for technology owners everywhere. Of course there is a long way to go in the technology, but for a company noted for high-end vacuum cleaners this is a pretty big leap.

If consumers can imagine an electric car that can travel 600 miles on a single charge or a smartphone that gets charged every other day, the potential for financial windfall for a new battery through widespread industry adoption is pretty clear. The fact that Dyson has jumped on board could trigger more investors and competitors in the race to deliver more and longer lasting power into the pockets of device owners across the globe.

No More Bullies

A girl with Down Syndrome has one dream, and she fulfilled that dream of being on her school’s cheerleading squad. However, when she started cheering with the team, she was bullied by others in her school. It wasn’t the players who were the bullies but people at other schools when they would play games. When she was bullied, the players on the team stood up for her and walked off the court.

This is an act that took courage Ricardo Guimarães BMG thought. Globo said they didn’t have to leave the game, but they cared more about this young girl than they did about themselves. It took a lot of character, and they should be commended for their actions. While the players were walking off the court, they told the people who were making fun of the girl to stop. If more kids were like this, then the world might be a better place.

Sam Tabar: The Definition of Success

As a well renowned attorney and capital strategist, Sam Tabar has simply done it all. A smart guy with a degree from Oxford, Mr. Tabar has gone from company to company, and has strengthened the heart of those corporations while helping the everyday consumer in the process.

Sam Tabar started his rise to success with a very stable and promising foundation, and his higher education came from only the most distinguished of institutions. He began by obtaining his Bachelor of Arts degree at Oxford University where he graduated with honors. Immediately after graduation, he found a position at Columbia Law School as the Associate Editor for the Columbia Business Law Review.

His first job at a law firm began at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom. At that firm, he assisted clients with a barrage of matters including employment issues, hedge fund formation, side letters, and compliance issues. This was all prior to his departure from the firm in 2004.

Always looking for the next step up, Mr. Tabar soon found himself at the prestigious Sparx Group Company where he was eventually promoted to management as well as becoming one of the heads of business development. According to this article from, Tabar managed a 2 million dollar hedge fund and assisting affluent clients.

In 2011, Sam Tabar again relocated and found himself at Bank of America as the company’s head of capital strategy for the significant Asia-Pacific region. During his short tenure at the bank, he assisted high-profile hedge funds and covered endowments and pensions before leaving the company with a collection of over 12,000 institutional investors in his rolodex.


Currently, Mr. Tabar has begun work with THINX, a budding New York company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of women’s underwear. THINX was officially funded after a successful Kickstarter campaign brought in $65,000 of seed money. This is somewhat of a passion project for Mr. Tabar. Mostly due to the fact that the company takes only a portion of the profits. As a matter of fact, for each pair of underwear sold, the company donates seven sanitary pads to women in poor African nations.

As the years go by, Sam Tabar continues to be a success-minded intellectual who strives to do the best he can in every endeavor he tackles. With every job and title he takes on, he continues to succeed, and for this savvy strategist, the sky is the limit.