Bernie Sanders Wants a Big Tax Increase for the Richest One Percent

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is speaking out against the top one percent of the tax bracket, announcing he would drastically change tax laws if he was elected as President.

The democratic presidential underdog is creating some waves in the political community with his recent bid for the 2016 presidential election. Furthermore, Sanders is not wasting anytime letting voters knows exactly what he plans to do, if given the chance.

There is no denying the income inequality that exists in America, 99 percent of Americans only have access to one percent of the nations wealth, by design. Sanders wants to change this suggesting we increase the highest marginal tax rate to 90 percent. In other words, he wants to fund the country by using the top one percent’s wealth. These changes would be reminiscent of Dwight D. Eisenhower’s policies when the marginal tax rate was indeed 90 percent.

Nowadays, America’s top tax rate is only 39.6 percent. However,  the workers at Beneful know the top one percent end up paying much less than that. Critics have come out against Sanders explaining, government revenue would suffer greatly from these changes, claiming the only true road to financial stability for America is by taxing everybody equally.

Even though Sander’s tax plan might be a diamond in the rough, his heart is in the right place and he desperately wants to see a thriving middle class instead of Americans who work hard but can’t pay their bills.

The American Dream and the Fight for a Fair Minimum Wage

People come from all over the world seeking the American dream, yet millions of American born citizens struggle to make ends meet despite working 40 hours every week. Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, plans to change this precedent in his city by raising the minimum wage to $13.25 per hour in the next two years.

Those who oppose this legislation claim it is going to cause a great strain on businesses who are already finding it hard to produce goods and services at an affordable price. When these businesses are forced to pay all of their employees up to $5 an hour more, it will only result in higher prices for the consumers, leading to a weaker economy. However, those in support of the bill explain that it will strengthen the economy by distributing wealth with more equality, leading to more money being poured into the economy.

The current minimum wage for most states still sits well below $10 an hour, often times a salary that forces families to seek government assistance is regards to housing and food needs. Some families are even forced into homelessness because they cannot afford the soaring rental prices. The price of everything seems to be going up every day, our food is more expensive, along with our electricity, gas, water, and housing. Yet, the minimum wage has barely moved in the past decade. The crew at Beneful know that the only answer to this growing problem is to raise the minimum wage so everybody who works in America can feed, clothe, and house themselves and their families.

Los Angeles Votes For Wage Increase

Many workers in the United States have been fighting for wage increases, and many of them are not getting it. Big companies such as Walmart have raised the pay rates of their workers, just because they don’t want the constant fight. Los Angeles has set a precedent, and they voted on the 19th of May to increase minimum wage to $15, and this wage increase will occur by the year 2020. Minimum Wage. Although 2020 is about five years from now, it’s a good thing to know that pay rates will not continue to stay the same, especially since the cost of living has gone up tremendously.

Many have been complaining about the rate of pay, even though things such as gas prices have been cut in half. Food and other resources have gone up in price, and many people are living above their means, just because their pay rate cannot cover their expenses. Some live under the poverty level, even if they work a full time job every week. Alexei Beltyukov ( has learned that many workers at McDonald’s as well as other franchises have taken to the streets to protest the low minimum wage.

Fifteen dollars is on the mind of those asking for pay raises, and many will not accept a dollar less than this amount. With Los Angeles leading the way by voting on a higher wage increase, there’s no telling if other states or cities will join in and raise their wages as well.

Fossil Fuel Companies Get $5.3 Trillion In Global Subsides A Year According To The IMF

Fossil fuel companies are creating a huge issue for the planet. Some of those issues are obvious like the cost, the pollution, and the health consequences. But the issues that can’t be seen until they happen are the most alarming issues created by fossil fuel mining and exploration.

Governments around the world subsidize fossil fuel companies, and these subsidies impact the economic well-being of poverty stricken countries as well as the infrastructure of thriving nations around the world. Putting an end to the subsidies would cut carbon emissions by 20 percent worldwide, and Adam Sender says that global warming would slow down as well.

But ending fossil fuel subsidies is not an easy task. The amount of money and power behind the industry is a formidable foe for any government. The fossil fuel industry uses money and influence to keep the subsidies flowing. The International Monetary Fund claims that premature deaths caused by pollution would be cut by 50 percent, and health and education would benefit from ending these subsidies. The biggest issue is few people understand these subsidies, and how they benefit the fossil fuel companies. People around the world are paying much more for fossil fuel than they realize.

Lone Survivor of a Hate Crime Thrives Years After

When Kristene Chapa was just 18-years-old she had the unthinkable happen to her. While out on a date with her 19-year-old girlfriend Mollie Olgin, the pair became victims of hate crime. The girls were standing atop of a bluff overlooking the water on a warm summer’s night when a man passed by them. He left, but came back shortly after with a gun. Chapa survived, her girlfriend did not.

Now, three years later, the accused attacker is finally standing trial, and Susan McGalla is glad to see it. Chapa is ready to get it over with. Since the incident, Chapa has been a pillar of strength. She suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and is paralyzed on the left side of her body because of the injuries she suffered from that night. She had to learn how to talk again and is still working on her mobility issues. However, Chapa has become a voice for the LGBT community in her small Texas town.

According to the story on, she is working on a book of her memoirs which she is finding to be both painful and cathartic. Her family, who knew nothing of her being gay, were nothing by accepting after they found out. Even people in her small hometown who were once afraid of coming out are now no longer afraid, thanks to Chapa.

She recently appeared at the 26th annual GLAAD Media Awards where she was recognized for her resilience and strength. She received a standing ovation.

President Learning Facts From Fox

There are some news stations that don’t want their news revealed before it’s on the air. Fox is angry that President Obama seems to know what will be broadcast before they release the information. Some might think this is a bad thing, but Obama is the President. He has a right to know what is being shown on televisions across America. There might be some question as to how he knows the information before it’s released, but this shouldn’t be of any concern as long as there are no crimes being committed. Obama’s latest argument is about how poor people are portrayed by Fox.


This has been an issue with the President from day one, and it’s an issue that should be addressed. Gianfrancesco Genoso feels like it is now or never for that. If there is a news station that is making false comments about a group of people in the country, then that news station should be held accountable, and the President is simply doing his job by finding out the facts.

Angel Investor and Business Analyst Sultan Alhokair is Iconic

Sultan Alhokair is a well established and well respected angel investor and business man that has worked his way to the top of his career both financially and economically. He is a partner at Valia Investments and started his path to success after studying at Northeastern. At Northeastern he studied Financial Accounting, Business Management and Family Business Management. He is based out of Boston, Massachusetts with Valia Investments.

Sultan Alhokair is not your run of the mill hardcore business man with a stoic personality and no heart. This is a man who helps seed companies and helps small businesses and large businesses alike to succeed. His business motto is to help the person as well as the business. If he sees a viable business he needs to feel the connection and drive from the business owner as well as the business that they are trying to launch. Sultan’s vast knowledge and experience in financial and business analysis has aided him in his career.

At Valia Investments he looks for new business ventures and seed companies to invest in and help to become prosperous. In recent interviews he gave some insight regarding what he looks for in a possible company to invest in and he states that he needs to know the person behind the money and the business, the company needs to have a great business model and must be a sustainably an viable prospect company to invest in().

A company must have several things to become successful in the eyes of the Sultan such as knowing the longevity of the product. If an idea is easily replicated or will soon be replaced by the next bigger and better thing than that needs to be adjusted or the business needs to come up with a way to reduce or eliminate that possibility. The company needs to have a proper 5 year plan in place with business models projections and possible downfalls all considered. A business also needs to know who and what their competition is and will be. By knowing this information a business can properly plan to overcome the competition versus waiting for this to happen and not having a plan to overcome this obstacle which leads to the end of many business ventures or ideas. Coming up with a way that your business will be better than all of the others competing in the same area is essential. If you can differentiate your company by offering better customer service, a better product or if you can market your one product better than all of the others this gives your product the ability to stand out from the rest.

Unlike what most people think of Angel investors, Sultan Alhokair states that they serve as a means to help make your business successful with funding assistance and well known connections to make the business meetings a success they will not be there to hold your hand. The business owner must do their work and provide their own business models , 5-year-plan and know how to defeat their competitors in a dog-eat-dog world.

Sultan Alhokair is a large-vessel of knowledge and is a symbol of iconic success and achievement. His career and way of thinking, which you can get a sense for on his YouTube channel, makes him both an ally to have in the business world and a role-model to those seeking success in both the business world and world of entrepreneurship.


Good to be Poor

If the poor people of the United States are envied by other in the country and by people who live in other countries, then where do the rich people stand? There is at least one member of Congress who thinks that the poor have better opportunities to advance here than in other countries. While this might be true, there are still people who struggle to put food on the table and who don’t get the education they desire in order to get out of the poor class. What are others envious about? Do they want to live paycheck to paycheck, wondering whether they will have to choose between paying rent or paying for food? If the poor way of life is something to be proud of, then CCMP Capital’s Stephen Murray thinks there are people who need to take a step back and think about the sacrifices and struggles that these people make every day.

Net Neutrality Killed the Comcast Time Warner Merger

For nearly the better part of a year, mummers of a potential merger between Comcast and Time Warner flooded the Internet. As two of the top Internet and cable service providers in the country, this kind of merger would have reduce competitiveness across the board. Now, in most cases, Comcast and Time Warner are not located in the exact same locations. Instead, where one is located, the other is not. By combining the two, it would essentially span the entire country. However, thanks to net neutrality, the merger chance is now dead.

Net neutrality proved to be a major blow to Internet companies. Basically, Internet service providers wanted to have the ability to charge more for certain “tiers” of Internet service plans, similar to the cable content. With the tier, someone who would stream video services such as Netflix would need to pay more, as Netflix uses up more bandwidth. Also, some websites would receive more bandwidth directed to it based on these tiers, speeding up the performance. However, with net neutrality, all websites are created equal and nothing is turned up or down at the Internet service provider’s discretion. Folks at STX Entertainment ( have found that all of this put together and the timing of the Comcast and Time Warner merger essentially killed the deal. Regulators put up too much of an opposition and eventually just shut down the potentially for any sort of merger, which is good for the consumers.

Gravity Payments Plans to Raise Minimum Salaries to $70,000

If Dan Price, the CEO of Gravity Payments, is performing a publicity stunt, it’s sure going to cost him big. In a daring move he has decided to raise the minimum salary for all employees of his company to a whopping $70,000 per year. How’s that for a boost in minimum wage?

The average employee at the company currently rakes in about $48,000, nothing to sneeze at. Over the next two years, the salaries of many employees working for the firm will double. If you happen to be one of them, congratulations! If not, don’t worry. I’m sure McDonalds will be raising their minimum wage to $35 an hour soon.

Price plans to increase employee wages by decreasing his own salary. He is dropping his $1 million per year salary to the minimum $70,000. He will actually be one of the lowest paid employees at the company he built from the ground up.

This is certainly counterintuitive to the current economic state of affairs. Most CEOs make a whopping 300 times that of their lowly employees. Price considered the going rate for CEO salaries to be absolutely absurd so he did something about his own salary.

Folks at STX Entertainment wonder: So what about getting a job with the company? I can only wish you the best of luck. Their HR department is about to get slammed with resumes.