Gravity Payments Plans to Raise Minimum Salaries to $70,000

If Dan Price, the CEO of Gravity Payments, is performing a publicity stunt, it’s sure going to cost him big. In a daring move he has decided to raise the minimum salary for all employees of his company to a whopping $70,000 per year. How’s that for a boost in minimum wage?

The average employee at the company currently rakes in about $48,000, nothing to sneeze at. Over the next two years, the salaries of many employees working for the firm will double. If you happen to be one of them, congratulations! If not, don’t worry. I’m sure McDonalds will be raising their minimum wage to $35 an hour soon.

Price plans to increase employee wages by decreasing his own salary. He is dropping his $1 million per year salary to the minimum $70,000. He will actually be one of the lowest paid employees at the company he built from the ground up.

This is certainly counterintuitive to the current economic state of affairs. Most CEOs make a whopping 300 times that of their lowly employees. Price considered the going rate for CEO salaries to be absolutely absurd so he did something about his own salary.

Folks at STX Entertainment wonder: So what about getting a job with the company? I can only wish you the best of luck. Their HR department is about to get slammed with resumes.

An Eye for Retail Development: Haidar Barbouti

The world of real estate is one that requires a great deal of attention to detail and an understanding of all aspects of this field. Those who chose to make their work in this area must have certain specific qualities. In general, this includes an attention to detail as well as a full understanding of how the world of real estate runs at all times. Engaging in the development of various areas of the world also typically requires the developer to be able to work with all kinds of people including those who can help them fully develop all aspects of the property that they have in mind. Someone who is going to enter this field must have a true mastery of both many tiny details as well as a firm grasp of the bigger picture. In this way, they can fully serve all the competing issues that surround any proposed planned development.


Development can take many forms. One such form is retail development. In this field, the developer seeks to take a piece of property that may contain nothing but a vacant lot and turn it into a place where there are multiple amenities such as restaurants, stores and other kinds of spaces where people can gather to accomplish many kinds of goals. Those who able to tap into such a vision are often those who are able to work with local communities to help them use all of the spaces that exist in the community as effectively as possible.

One such visionary is <a href=””>Haidar Barbouti</a>. He is a Columbia University trained businessman who has spent his formative years learning all that he can about the important world of real estate. This world is one that he has mastered fully. Barbouti’s career in this field has spanned many areas including major American cities such as New York City and Houston. During this time, he has spent years studying exactly how to serve the needs of customers in order to help bring them the best possible retail experience. His primary focus in recent years has been working with a large shopping center in the Houston area. This has helped him work with area shoppers in order to make sure that they have access to the best possible shops that they enter during their free time. The development of this shopping center has also helped local area residents find good jobs. Find more on Barbouti on his Twitter page.

Igor Cornelsen: Leader in Investment Advice

Igor Cornelsen is an ace investment adviser who works to help others prepare for long-term investments. Igor is currently working as the proprietor of the Bahamas based company Bainbridge Inv Inc. He has been in this position since April of 2011. Bainbridge Inv Inc is an investment company that works to invest in specialized long-term investments.

Igor is an investor who is looking to make himself, and clients, profits from their investments that will last through their lifetime. Many clients are looking for an investor who can do just that. He is able to guide his clients through the stock market and their portfolio and help them make an educated decision with their investments. The advice that Igor provides to his clients help them to choose the stock market investments that will pay off for them.

Igor is a leader in investments and his clients will attest to that. He specializes in all types of investments, gives sound advice, and has innovative and unique strategies when it comes to working with portfolios. Igor views long term investments as a game that will be played for a long duration. He believes that commitment to the investment is the key to being a successful investor. If you are committed to what you are doing and willing to do it long-term, then the return will be even greater.

Igor also believes that when it comes to investments, a large sum of money is not always required. In fact, making several smaller investments spread out over industries may be a safer bet then placing all of your money into one. Smaller investments means smaller returns however if the client plays the waiting game like Igor suggests, the payout could end up being worth it. Minimal resources from the client could be used to make an active income.

Igor is an investor and an investment adviser with years of experience behind him. He is what has helped to make many people successful at playing the stock market.

Senator Bernie Sanders Rips Corporate Tax Dodgers

It is probably a surprise to most Americans that many large corporations that bring in hundreds of millions or even several billion dollars in profits pay no federal income tax. Even more shocking is the fact that not only do these corporations get away with not paying any federal income taxes, in many cases large tax rebates are given to these corporations by the IRS. United States Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont argued on Thursday that it is time to close the corporate loopholes that let these companies avoid federal taxes and make them pay their fair share. Sanders favors of reform of the tax code that will distribute the tax burden more evenly amongst Americans.

According to research conducted by the Citizens For Tax Justice profitable companies like CBS, Time Warner and Prudential Financial made billions of dollars in profits and received tens of millions of dollars in tax rebates from the IRS. At a time when the income disparity between the richest and the poorest Americans is increasing rapidly, the loopholes that allow these corporations to avoid paying taxes are unacceptable and must be eliminated.

People at Anastasia Date ( have found that, fortunately, people like Senator Sanders and groups like the Citizens For Tax Justice are there to expose this injustice in the tax code and fight hard for tax reforms that will stop this kind of corporate welfare and make these companies pay their fair share of taxes.

Get Help Looking For New York City Real Estate

New York City, also known as “The Big Apple,” is a place that many people aspire to live in. When some people speak about moving to New York, they may mean New York City, which is not only an amazing place to live, but it’s also filled with many places to go, and many things to do. People who live in New York City, know how fortunate they are, especially since space is limited, and many people want to live there. If you found yourself needing to move into New York City, you’ll need a realtor, in order to find your next place.

You never want to find a location to live in New York City, by searching through the newspaper, using real estate magazines, or other forms of listings. If you truly want to find the best place for you to live, in New York City, you’ll want a realtor to help you out. If you choose to get a realtor, instead of looking through regular listings in the paper, you’ll see a big difference right away. You’ll get personal attention from a realtor, which you couldn’t possibly get, by looking through paper listings.

Your realtor is supposed to be knowledgeable, and they should be able to help you find your next place, based on the information that you give them. If you let a realtor know what type of place you’re looking for, they should be able to tell you right away, where in New York City would be best for you, the accommodations they have available, as well as the cost. Those looking for some exclusive NYC apartments for sale should choose to go with Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate has been around for many years, and they are well known when it comes to finding a great place to live.

Even some places that are still under construction, have sought to list with Town Real Estate, because of their impeccable history when it comes to getting real estate sold, rented or leased. Not only do you want a great realtor, you want one that knows everything about the area you want to move to, or else you may find that where you’re moving to, is not what you really wanted. The realtors at Town Real Estate are always helpful to their customers, and they can get you into the best place, which is a place that is great for you.

Florist or Couple to Blame?

Barronelle Stutzman, who owns Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington, doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage. In 2013, she told a long-time customer that she couldn’t provide services for his upcoming wedding because of her faith. She did not say she would refuse flowers for any other reason and she recommended another florist. She also continues to sell flowers to anyone regardless of their sexual orientation as long as the service isn’t for a same-sex wedding.

Because of Washington’s consumer protection and anti-discrimination laws, Attorney General Bob Ferguson got involved and Stutzman was fined $1,000 this month for her actions last year. The judge stated that “religiously motivated conduct” doesn’t “trump” state protection laws.

Stutzman feels it is her rights that are now being trampled on. Beyond the fine, she also has to pay attorney and court costs in the seven-figure range and she could face additional fines if she does not serve same-sex wedding customers in the future even though doing so goes against her religious beliefs.

Although many would agree that public businesses should not discriminate based on sexuality, there are those who think that same-sex couples shouldn’t actively seek wedding services from anyone who doesn’t believe in same-sex weddings. Additionally, because of this lawsuit, 70-year-old Stutzman will likely have to close the business she worked hard to build even after receiving $85,000, as of Monday, in crowdfunded support according to Susan McGalla.

Gap Between Rich and Pure Continue to Widens

Its official. One percent of the world’s population own ninety nine percent of the world’s wealth. Ivan Ong ( knows that this has generally been true through out the history of man but the issue in today’s present day economy is that the middle class is being squeezed into a lower or poorer bracket in the wealth scale. Macro monetary policies implemented by countries may have the effect of creating more liquidity in the economy but that may not trickle down directly to the poor and middle class. Businesses with access to new capital may be able to expand their businesses and hire more people, but these new hires are normally at the lower end of the pay scale. During these moments when monetary polices such as quantitative easing is used, there is normally a large labor force ready to seek employment for a cheap rate. Ironically, even these jobs have the effect of growing the economy or at least providing the perception of growing the economy as these new workers will have to purchase goods and services such as clothes, cars and houses to support the job and the life style which comes with their employment.Gap Between Rich and Poor Widens

While some economist call for a global wealth tax or a redistribution of the global wealth to the other 99 percent, they miss the point that its the one percent which create the employment for the rest. Such measures removes the incentive for the wealth to engage in business practices which expand the economy.

Skout: A Social App for the Adventurous Soul

What is Skout?

Skout is an app designed to expand your social circle and help connect people all over the country. When a user first installs Skout, they’re prompted with the general questions associated with a dating app (age, sex, location, etc.). Once you’ve filled out your personal info, you’re placed into a group of people your age where you can chat and engage in conversation.

The system uses a ‘feed’ feature much like that of Facebook. It shows a real-time flow of conversations and comments made by a group of your peers. Another feature that Skout offers their users is a notification system based on location. This notification will alert you when someone near your location joins Skout in order to connect with them and start conversing.

Skout is also one of the best choices for younger individuals on account of how well the community is managed. Shirtless pictures, provocative photos, and rated R material is against Skout rules and is dealt with immediately. “This cliche of shirtless people showing off their abs — we’re not having that,” says Jordan Barnes, the PR manager for Skout.


The travel feature was implemented by the engineers at Skout for their premium members to use while visiting and exploring new places. The feature aims to give users a more intimate and realistic view of the culture rather than hitting all of the tourist hot spots.

The feature was set up to be a modern version of the pen-pal system from older times. However, the feature quickly grew and expanded more than the staff at Skout had expected. “While Skout is not exclusively a travel app, our travel feature has proven to be enormously popular with young adults,” says CEO Christian Wiklund.


Skout is a well rounded app that has a multiple features that appeal to people all over the world. The features speak for themselves:

  • Location-based dating and flirting
  • Travel feature that allows you to connect with people as you explore
  • Classy and aims to eliminate vulgarity
  • Great for younger generations as well as older ones
  • GPS notification system to connect with people close to you
  • Send virtual gifts to people of your choosing
  • Shake chat feature that allows you to chat with other people shaking their phone

Investment Advisors Engage In a War of Words

It’s true that the world of investment advisers are generally a quiet and professional world. However that is changing. At stake is a share of the multitrillion dollar industry. Young start up groups are demanding their share and they’re not doing it quietly.

Recently Charles Schab, one of the biggest and best known groups in the field, released their long awaited Intelligent Portfolio. The new start ups aren’t taking it quietly. Adam Nash a former LinkdIn executive and now CEO of an online advisory start up, Wealthfront, blasted the giant recently.

Nash has accused Schwab of being greedy and making a profit while not doing the best thing for their clients. The article was posted on Medium. He then stated that Schwab has allowed “Wall Street to seep into every fiber of the company.” In the advisory community that is perhaps one of the worst accusations that can be made.Click here for full article.

Schwab has blasted Nash right back. They’ve stated that he has misrepresented the company and it’s work. They claim that Schab has been at the forefront of driving costs out of their industry. John Stein the founder and CEO of a new online investment group called Betterment has also come out swinging on the side of Nash. He has accused Schwab of managing client money in such a way that they gain more than does the consumer. No one at Imaging Advantage ( expects the feud to end soon or quietly.

Oklahoma Considers Nitrogen Gas for Executions

The problems associated with lethal injections have sent state representatives seeking alternatives. Now Utah’s back up execution plan is to use a firing squad and Oklahoma can now use nitrogen.

Oklahoma is considering the use of nitrogen gas for execution of death row inmates as an alternative to the now highly questioned lethal injections. Lawyers suggest that difficulties in obtaining substances used in these injections is making several of the 34 US states in which the death penalty applies, seek another method.

Since the death penalty in the United States was reinstated in 1976, lethal injection has been the method most commonly used in executions in states with capital punishment.

The problems in supplying the ingredients for lethal injections has been spotlighted, due to international pressure on the pharmaceutical industry, which has created a problem in many prisons.

Experimentation with new formulas has caused new headaches with inmates apparently suffering during executions in at several cases. In one Arizona case, the inmate took almost two hours to die.

While the Supreme Court considers whether one of the substances used violates the legal definition of “cruel,” each state seeks alternatives.

States like Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia and Ohio have enacted a moratorium on executions until the Supreme Court rules.